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The method of making cooked yam porridge

In the dead of night, many people are often unable to sleep because of various reasons. In clinical practice, this kind of symptom is generally insomnia, and the existence of it will also make people's body have problems because of the insufficient rest. Therefore, the method of regulating insomnia becomes the most desired way for everyone to understand. Yam porridge is a good way to improve Recipes used.

It has the functions of Nourishing Yin, filling lean marrow, nourishing kidney and liver. It is suitable for menstruation disorder, lumbago and knee pain, enuresis and night sweat, dizziness and palpitation, eyesight, tuberculosis, diabetes, etc.

Modern medical research has proved that familiar earth has a strong heart effect, can regulate blood pressure, small dose makes blood vessels contract, large dose makes blood vessels expand. It can also regulate blood sugar and protect liver, and has significant effect on rheumatism, rheumatoid, infectious hepatitis, neurodermatitis.

Yam contains only about half of the same quality of sweet potato in calories and carbohydrates. It does not contain fat. Its protein content is higher than that of sweet potato. The main component of yam is starch. Part of it can be converted into dextrin, the decomposition product of starch. Dextrin can help digestion, so yam is a kind of taro food that can be eaten raw.

Yam contains many kinds of microelements, in which the content of potassium is higher, the kinds and quantity of vitamins are less, almost no carotene. Yam leaves are an excellent source of carotene, but also a good source of calcium, iron, vitamin C.

Yam congee

Source: Baiwei

Raw materials: 15-20g, 30g for yam, fennel and tuckahoe, 100g for japonica rice, and proper amount of brown sugar.

The practice of Chinese yam porridge

First, decoct, yam, fennel and tuckahoe for juice. Then cook it into congee with japonica rice and mix in brown sugar.

Usage: 1-2 times a day, warm food.

Efficacy: nourishing heart and kidney, calming mind and mind. Treat impotence. It is suitable for timidity and restlessness. Yang matters are not raised. Tongue and pulse are normal.

Because most of the ingredients that make up the cooked yam porridge are Chinese medicinal materials with remarkable efficacy, when analyzing the function of yam porridge, we need to proceed from its composition. Generally speaking, yam porridge has certain therapeutic effect on impotence, timidity and restlessness.