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How to drink and quench the heat and thirst

Summer is coming, I believe that the high temperature in summer will make people feel difficult to spend. The necessary good drink to quench summer heat and thirst in summer is citronella root sugarcane sweet drink, so how is citronella root sugarcane sweet drink made? Is there any other way to relieve heat and thirst? Share with you.


Wash and slice the sugarcane, wash the roots of citronella and put them into the pot, add some water (covered with herbs), soak for 10 minutes, boil them in high heat, boil them in low heat for 20 minutes, remove the dregs and take the juice.

First of all, in the hot summer, air conditioning is essential for families and units. Families without air conditioning usually choose KFC McDonald's and other restaurants for cooling.

Then find a reservoir, indoor swimming pool is a very good choice, even if not, find a lifebuoy in the water for a while can also quickly cool down.

Then summer is the season of sweating. Under the scorching sun, sweat secretion increases. Therefore, in order to keep healthy and avoid heatstroke, we must supplement water in time. It is suggested to drink more cold, white and open drinks and less cold carbonated drinks.

In terms of diet, you can mainly eat fresh and delicious cold dishes, eat less and eat more meals, reasonably match them, and supplement all kinds of nutrients your body needs.

Can also be more popular in summer, because eat more heat to fire, thirst quenching summer food. Bitter food can relieve summer heat, improve appetite, balsam pear, bitter vegetables, Kuding tea, etc. are the best food in summer.

Finally, summer is also the peak season for fruit sales. In summer, you can eat more fruits for sale. Watermelon is the first choice. If conditions permit, you can also DIY all kinds of juice, taste your DIY juice in the hot summer, and experience a cool summer.

White fescue is a kind of native food in the countryside. It doesn't need everyone to cultivate it with special care. It's just like that. If we plant it, we can basically get it. We don't need everyone to water and fertilize it with more care. So it's a good breed at home. It's very suitable for family breeding. I hope it can help you.