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How to treat myopia

Myopia is the main problem endangering the healthy growth of young people. With the increase of the number of young people suffering from myopia, we should know more about the methods of treating myopia after the emergence of myopia. Next, we will share the methods of treating myopia with traditional Chinese medicine.

Method 1: point therapy

Advantages: it can relieve muscle spasm, promote blood circulation, shorten the ball distance, so it has therapeutic effect on most juvenile myopia, and improve their vision to different degrees.

Disadvantages: the long-term effect is not clear.

Method 2: point massage

Advantages: through acupoint selection and acupoint massage, it can stimulate the peripheral nerve receptors and peripheral blood vessels around the eyes, effectively improve the blood circulation and internal nerve regulation around the eyes, improve the blood circulation and metabolism of the eye tissues, restore the physiological regulation of the eye muscles and add percutaneous absorption, so as to obtain the comprehensive local and systemic adjustment, so as to restore the normal physiological function of the eyes. The method is simple and easy to use, the health care effect is accurate, the vision is improved, and the health care effect is obvious.

Disadvantages: it must be massaged correctly by professionals. As parents and students, it is impossible for them to master the knowledge of acupoint massage correctly. Even if they do acupoint massage, they can not achieve the strength of massage, so it is difficult to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment. The massage cost of general professionals is also relatively high, and they need to be equipped with drugs. They need to go to the professional clinic for massage for a long time. Because the students' study is very tight, they can't find time to do professional massage treatment at all. Do acupoint massage to often adhere to the line, do not do consolidation treatment, will still rebound, leading to the abandonment of previous achievements. Method 3: electromagnetic therapy

Advantages: Traditional Chinese medicine is adopted to stimulate the acupoints in the eyes in order to have a therapeutic effect on myopia. This kind of product does play a certain role in the blood circulation of the eyes and the relaxation of the ciliary muscles, but no product has been widely accepted and recognized.

Disadvantages: this method is only a short-term stimulation, and does not fundamentally solve the causes of myopia.

Method 4: treatment

Advantages: TCM treatment of myopia is mainly based on the overall situation of the use of syndrome differentiation, that viscera, especially liver and kidney in the regulation of vision has an important role. The study found that the efficacy of the drug is closely related to the degree of myopia. The lighter the degree of myopia, the higher the clinical cure rate and the effective rate.

Disadvantages: most of them have obvious effect on pseudomyopia, but there are few effective prescriptions for true myopia, which needs further study and improvement.

Method 5: Acupuncture Treatment

Advantages: acupuncture is one of the effective methods to prevent myopia, which has been widely used. Among all the acupuncture methods, plum blossom needle tapping and ear point pressing are easy to operate and convenient to use, while more early clinical treatments are used to prick on traditional acupoints. If there is a report that acupuncture at Yiming point has a total effective rate of 91.9% in 173 eyes, and almost all the original eyes have different degrees of vision improvement. At that time, it was also found that in the process of 30 minutes from the beginning of acupuncture to the withdrawal of acupuncture, the visual acuity was improved to varying degrees, indicating that acupuncture had a rapid and accurate effect on myopia.

Disadvantages: according to the existing experience, the short-term effect of acupuncture and moxibustion on juvenile myopia is accurate, but the long-term effect is not satisfactory, and the mechanism research needs to be further deepened. The problem is that the long-term effect is not ideal, and there are many recurrence phenomena. The prevention of myopia and the treatment of pseudomyopia have certain effect, but there is no definite effect on true myopia.

As mentioned above, the treatment of myopia with traditional Chinese medicine is indeed able to achieve a certain effect, while acupuncture, treatment, electromagnetic therapy, acupoint massage and acupoint treatment are the five ways that people can choose in clinical treatment of myopia.