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What is the traditional Chinese health cream formula? The characteristics of traditional Chinese hea

Nowadays, people have very high requirements for their own health, and the traditional Chinese medicine health preserving method has gradually entered into people's vision. The traditional Chinese medicine health preserving cream is the most common one. Therefore, the following article introduces the relevant characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine cream.

Traditional Chinese medicine ointment is an independent form of paste, which combines the essence of broad TCM. Through looking, smelling, listening and cutting, according to different physique and different people, we can use the appropriate ointment for the treatment. It can be taken all the year round with the effect of strengthening the body, benefiting qi and calming nerves.

Traditional Chinese medicine paste formula can be divided into paste formula and decoction formula. It is a kind of semi fluid dosage form, which is made by repeatedly decocting the pieces of decoction according to the principle of traditional Chinese medicine, removing the dregs and extracting the juice, adding sugar or donkey hide gelatin after evaporation and concentration. Because of its small size, high content, easy to carry, sweet population and strong individualization, it is also popular with modern people because of its excellent effect.

It is characterized by simple purpose and simple taste, and can be used as a dispensing pair / basic medicine.

In Ming and Qing Dynasties, drugs with similar efficacy were selected and classified into one group, such as group, group of invigorating heart and Qi, group of nourishing kidney yin, group of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, group of invigorating spleen and promoting dampness, and then these groups were integrated to play the role of these drugs. These different groups of drugs respectively assume the role of monarch, minister, adjuvant and emissary in the general prescription.

"Yizui ointment" is used to treat surgical diseases such as myrrh, Melon Wilt, wine decocting into ointment, and "hair back, brain gangrene and all kinds of sores". "Wenwu ointment" in "the order of the emperor of Dongtian". It is boiled with sangkan and Prunella vulgaris. Two spoonfuls of ointment are taken each time, and the white soup is melted. Three times a day, it can cure "the cold disease, which will be cured in January".

The above is a description of the characteristics of the traditional Chinese medicine health preservation method. In our life, when we pay attention to the health preservation method, the advantages and effects of the health preservation method of traditional Chinese medicine are the main methods that we can consider and choose to use.