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What to do when it's cold

In the cold weather season, many people are prone to the symptoms of falling on the pillow at ordinary times. In fact, for the phenomenon of falling on the pillow, we can achieve the goal by pressing the acupoints after falling on the pillow. It can be seen that the way of acupoints is also worth learning.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, improper posture, long-term overwork, and overwork may lead to the neck muscle stretching for too long, leading to the deficiency of human vein and the obstruction of Qi and blood circulation. In addition, at night, the body's Yang Qi is gradually declining and Yin Qi is gradually increasing. If you don't pay attention to keeping warm, it's easy to be attacked by evil Qi, which further affects the vein movement, and then causes neck discomfort such as "falling on the pillow".

Reasons for falling sleepers:

First of all, the reason for falling on the pillow is that the sleeping posture is not good, the head is not in the right way, the pillow pad is too high or the shoulder is winded, which will cause falling on the pillow. The symptom of falling on the pillow is that there is no feeling when sleeping. When you get up the next day, you will feel uncomfortable all over, especially the neck and back are very sore. Sometimes you can't even swing the neck at will. Press it with your fingers There will be pain.

Frequent pillow dropping may lead to Qi and blood inactivity: if "pillow dropping" occurs more than three times in a month, or even occurs frequently, close attention should be paid. At this time, in addition to looking for the cause from the cervical vertebra, we should also consider whether it is caused by stasis of blood in the body and inactivity of Qi and blood.

The so-called "Qi for blood does not live", when the Qi can not promote blood movement, the neck is again cold evil, it is easy to appear disease. In addition to frequent pillow drop, these patients are often accompanied by symptoms such as lack of concentration, fatigue, dizziness, poor memory, etc. At this time, in addition to the reasonable treatment of the neck, it can also be properly coordinated with the conditioning of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the use of Dangshen, Yuanhu, chuanxiong, Taoren and other Chinese herbal medicines for Qi, blood circulation, and strengthening treatment, to promote rehabilitation.

Massage the point of falling pillow to relieve the pain of falling pillow:

Location: the point of falling pillow is on the back of the hand, between the second and the third metacarpal bones, about 1 cm behind the metacarpophalangeal joint. Touch with your fingers toward the wrist, from the end of the bone and the finger where the bone becomes narrow, about a finger wide distance, a pressure, there is a strong tenderness.

Methods: use the fingertip of the thumb to cut and press the "falling pillow point" on the side of the falling pillow, and at the same time, move the fingers of the cut and pressed hands to strengthen the feeling of finger pressure on the points. While massaging the hand, slowly move the neck: slightly extend the head forward, slowly shrink down from the front to the bottom, make the lower jaw close to the upper chest fossa, keep the neck muscle loose, then slowly turn the head left and right, gradually increase the amplitude from small to large, and gradually extend the neck to the normal position. The maximum range of pain free rotation is limited.

Efficacy: about 5-10 minutes, pain can be significantly relieved. This method can not only treat the falling pillow, but also prevent cervical spondylosis. It can also relieve arm pain and stomach pain.

After the emergence of the pillow, we should also have a proper understanding of the causes of the pillow. When relieving the symptoms of the pillow, we should also carefully study the acupoint search and specific pressing methods according to the content of the article.