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How to improve men's sexual function massage method of improving men's sexual function

How to improve men's sexual function? Massage is a very good way, so how to massage to improve men's sexual function? Here is to introduce the massage methods to improve men's sexual function. Come and have a look.

Massage methods to improve men's sexual function

1. Thenar ring push

Lying on your back, use your right thenar to push from the pubic hair along the left side of the scrotum, diagonally to the perineum, and then back from the right side of the scrotum. Push 20-30 times a day, feel excited the best erection.

2. Inguinal massage

Before going to bed, put your hands on your groins (thigh roots). Gently massage the palm 36 times along the oblique direction, and massage several times a week. It can enhance sexual desire and energy.

3. Friction binaural

When getting up in the morning, use fingertips or rib face to gently rub the ears on both sides, such as the ear wheel body, in a circular way, or press and press slightly, with the degree of local slight swelling pain and heat. This method has the effect of harmonizing Yin and Yang, dredging Qi and blood, strengthening the kidney and strengthening the essence, which was advocated by all generations.

4. Rubbing the kidney

Place the palms of both hands on the same side of the waist and rub them back and forth from top to bottom for about 2 minutes. Take the deep slight heat as the degree, or make a fist with both hands and hit the waist alternately with the back plane of both hands. The strength is moderate, and it is appropriate to hit 100 times for each side attack. Waist is the house of kidney, which is also known as "moping the essence door". It has the functions of strengthening kidney, strengthening waist, benefiting essence and clearing channels and collaterals.

5. Foot climbing and kidney strengthening

Take the supine position, pull two hands from the knee to the hip joint, and go up to the head through the front armpit line. The massage graphic method is that two hands cross the palm upward, two feet are straight, two hands fall straight down from the top, hands are extended forward, the upper body is bent forward, two hands are moved to the spring hole of the foot heart, feet are forced to be straight, hands and feet are forced to be opposite, release hands to make the body return to supine. Repeat this 10 times, or depending on ability. This method has the effect of strengthening the waist and knees and strengthening the essence.

6. Lower abdominal friction

Before going to sleep, put one hand on the lower abdomen of the pubic bone under the umbilicus, and the other hand on the waist. Then, while holding the waist, rub the hand on the lower abdomen from the right to the left, so as to feel the warmth of the abdomen.

7. Phallic finger pressing

Hold the penis repeatedly with your fingers. Thus, the activation of penile nerves and blood vessels can be enhanced. Repeatedly pinching the penis with your hands can cause penile erection. You don't have to mind when erecting the penis, you can continue to massage. This massage method can be used in bed sooner or later. Traditional Chinese medicine points out that using "penis finger pressure" to massage penis can effectively improve sexual ability.

8. Rubbing testicles

Rub your hands to heat, first hold the two testicles with your right hand, so that the right testicles are in the palm of your hand, and the left testicles are on the rib of your thumb, index finger and middle finger, then gently rub them, turn them 30-50 times to the right and left respectively, with a slight feeling of swelling without pain. Then gently massage with the left hand as above. 1. Get rid of tights

Tight underwear will reduce the blood flow of penis and affect the strength of erection. It's best to choose a loose cotton underwear.

2. Eat right food

A simple change of eating habits can improve sexual desire and erection: eat more, eggs, nuts, figs, peppers, onions and other supportive foods, drink a little wine, and try to stay away from "bad" junk food.

3. Exercise loving muscles

Persistently exercising pelvic muscles will increase the blood supply of pelvis and penis, and ensure the hardness and time of erection. You can do "lifting the anus exercise" every day, first contract the anus, keep it for 1 second, then relax, then contract and then relax, alternately. At the beginning, two groups were done every day, 20 times in each group, gradually increasing to two groups every day, 75 times in each group.

4. Don't masturbate frequently

Too frequent masturbation will reduce sexual desire, resulting in lower erectile rigidity and loss of "combat power" during the next day's sexual intercourse.

5. Choose the right posture

Be sure to do enough foreplay. The male upper position and the back entry sexual posture can make the blood flow of the male penis larger and harder when erecting.

6. Quit smoking and alcohol

The study found that the longer men smoke and drink, the greater the amount, the greater the odds of erectile dysfunction. Smoking can damage blood vessels, weaken the elasticity of penis tissue, and then affect erection; drinking alcohol can reduce the sensitivity of the body, and lead to erectile dysfunction.