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How to regulate the Constitution with music

Among all kinds of common health preserving methods of traditional Chinese medicine, health preserving of traditional Chinese medicine constitution is a kind of health preserving method worthy of people's choice. Among the common health preserving methods of traditional Chinese medicine, the method of music conditioning constitution is most commonly used by everyone. Therefore, the following is a detailed introduction.

1. Yin deficiency constitution

Yin deficiency constitution refers to the syndrome of deficiency of Yin fluid in the body and internal heat caused by Yin deficiency, which is often manifested as emaciation of body, red cheekbones, hot hands and feet, night sweat, irritability, dry mouth, dry hair and skin, red tongue, little moss, even smooth and without moss. It is mainly caused by external invasion of dry heat, over eating, over worrying, disordered sex and long illness And then it came on.

Music conditioning: listen to feather sound and commercial sound. Feather sound into the kidney is the underwater source, and Shang sound into the lung is the above water source. The Guqin music in yudiao includes "crowing in the dark night" and "flying in the morning". The ancient Qin music of Shang style includes Changqing, Heming, Jiugao, Baixue, Xiaoxiang and Shuiyun, etc.

2. Qi Depression constitution

The Qi of human body is the fundamental and motive force of human life movement. The maintenance of life activities must depend on Qi. The Qi of human body is closely related to the physiological functions of kidney, spleen, stomach and lung, in addition to the innate endowment, acquired environment and diet nutrition. Therefore, all kinds of physiological activities of the body are essentially the concrete embodiment of qi movement in the human body. When Qi cannot reach outside and gather inside, it forms qi depression. According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi depression is mainly caused by depression and depression. Long term qi stagnation will lead to poor blood circulation and seriously affect health.

Music conditioning: listen to more horn sounds and symbols. The horn sound enters the liver, can dredge the liver and regulate the Qi; the sign sound enters the heart, stimulates the heart Yang. Guqin music includes "Fishing Song", "mountain" and so on.

3. Damp heat constitution

There is a distinction between external humidity and internal humidity. External dampness is caused by the invasion of external dampness into the human body due to the humid climate or the drenching of water or the humidity of the room; internal dampness is a pathological product, often related to the digestive function. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the spleen has the function of transporting water and dampness. If the body deficiency is indigestion or overeating, and eating too much greasy and sweet food, the spleen can't normally transport and stop the water and dampness inside. Moreover, people with spleen deficiency are also prone to the invasion of external dampness, and external dampness also often blocks the spleen and stomach from generating dampness inside, so the two are both independent and related.

Because of the heavy heat and humidity in summer and autumn, the combination of humidity and heat invades the human body, or because of the retention of humidity for a long time, or because of the nature of Yang heat, the combination of humidity and heat is very common.

Music conditioning: Gong Yin, Yu Yin, Gong Yin into the spleen, invigorating the spleen and dampness; Yu Yin into the kidney, nourishing the Yin and clearing the heat, guqin music has "the autumn dusk of mountain dwelling" and "memory of the old man", etc.

4. Constitution

Qi deficiency refers to a series of pathological changes and syndromes caused by deficiency of vital energy. The so-called Qi is the most basic substance of human body, which is formed by the combination of kidney essence Qi, spleen stomach qi and lung qi. It generally refers to weakness, paleness, shortness of breath, weakness of limbs, dizziness, sweating when moving, low voice, etc. It includes the deficiency of vital energy, vital energy and Wei Qi, as well as the decline of Qi's promotion, warmth, defense, fixation and gasification functions, which leads to the decline of some functional activities of the body, such as the decline of disease resistance and so on.

Music conditioning: suitable for listening to Gong Yin, Shang Yin and Zheng Yin. Because Gong Yin goes into the spleen, Shang Yin goes into the lungs, and Zheng Yin goes into the heart. The lungs control Qi and the spleen and stomach are the foundation of postnatal development. Qi and blood need to be promoted by heart vessels. You can listen to water, Yangchun, Changqing, Heming, Jiugao, wenwangcao and so on.

5. Yang deficiency constitution

Yang deficiency refers to the pathological phenomenon of Yang failure. Yang Qi has the function of warming limbs and viscera. If Yang deficiency, the body function will decrease. The physical characteristics of Yang deficiency are similar to that of cold constitution. It is characterized by deficiency of Yang Qi and cold appearance. It is manifested as fatigue and fear of cold, cold limbs, pale lips, little Qi and laziness, lethargy, male enuresis, clear and thin leucorrhea, diarrhea, frequent urination, especially more nocturia, decreased sexual desire, etc.

Music conditioning: listen to the corner sound and the symphonic sound, invigorate Yang Qi, and increase the vitality of human body. Guqin music, such as running water, drunkenness, and so on.

6. Phlegm dampness constitution

Phlegm dampness constitution refers to that when the function of the internal organs of the human body is maladjusted, it is easy to cause the maladjusted transportation of Qi, blood and body fluid, the water dampness stops gathering, the dampness accumulates into phlegm and the phlegm dampness shows itself. It is often manifested as fat body, full abdomen, stuffy chest, many phlegm, easily sleepy, unsatisfied body weight, fond of eating fat, sweet and mellow wine, fat tongue, white and greasy tongue coating, due to the invasion of cold and dampness, irregular diet, congenital endowment, old age and long illness, and deficiency Lack of exercise and the onset, often with the phlegm stagnation of different parts and different symptoms.

Music conditioning: listen to more horn sounds. Guqin music "Yangchun", "Gaoshan", etc. These tunes can enhance Yang, make people happy and healthy.

It can be seen from the above that when people prefer the way of TCM Constitution, before improving their own constitution, they need to combine their own performance to judge their own constitution type, and then choose the type of their own constitution when they adjust their constitution by listening to music.