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Different points of physical health preservation in traditional Chinese Medicine

Generally speaking, there are many differences between people in all kinds of people, and the Constitution also has essential differences in different people. Generally speaking, when people are maintaining health, they can also arrange matters according to their own constitution types in combination with the constitution regimen of traditional Chinese medicine.

Methods of different constitution

First, peaceful constitution. This constitution is a sub-health state. Generally speaking, the situation is optimistic, the physical skills are relatively coordinated, and the emotional state is moderate. As long as we adhere to a scientific, healthy and reasonable lifestyle, the physical condition will be better.

Second, Yang deficiency constitution, the main symptom of Yang deficiency constitution is lack of firepower, so in many cases, it will be suppressed by the cold, always feel the body chilly. Therefore, we should eat more moderate food, and pay attention to the work of cold prevention and warmth preservation in winter.

Third, yin deficiency constitution. The main symptoms of yin deficiency are dry mouth, dry tongue, dry throat, irritated heat, etc. the main point is to eat more fruits and avoid spicy food.

Fourth, the constitution of qi depression. People with this constitution often show a depressed state of mood, and the Qi mechanism is not smooth. The main point is to learn to adjust their own emotions, do not hold in the heart, choose the right way to vent.

Fifth, blood stasis constitution, the symptom is not good complexion, usually presents a dark state, but also more prone to tumors in the body. The main point is to do more exercise and work less in front of the computer.

Sixth, Qi deficiency constitution, its symptom performance is insufficient strength, and very easy to feel. The key of constitution lies in invigorating the spleen and tonifying the spleen. It needs long time and slow movement for conditioning. We must pay attention to avoid raw and cold food.

The seventh, phlegm dampness constitution, its main symptom is the body shape easy to appear the fat symptom, the indolence is quite heavy. The main point is to eat more ginger, diet must be light, clothing to be comfortable.

Eighth, damp and hot constitution, as the name implies, its performance is damp and hot, so it will affect the body's excretion function, and the excretion is not very smooth. The main point is that the living environment should be clean and sanitary, and smoking and drinking should be absolutely avoided.

To sum up, although the health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine can indeed promote people's health, when we adopt the health preservation method of traditional Chinese medicine, we should also pay attention to the points that we need to focus on for the health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, which is also the place that we need to pay more attention to.