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Health care should focus on both Chinese and Western medicine, and teach you how to expel toxin and

Speaking of matters related to health preservation, I believe many people will talk about them. In fact, when people choose health preservation methods, they also need to pay attention to both Chinese and Western medicine, and the content of this article is the very common meridian method in traditional Chinese medicine.

1. Pericardium Meridian: make you not fat

From the Tianchi point one inch outside the nipple to the tip of the middle finger, it is pericardial meridian. The beginning of pericardium is around the heart. The pericardium in traditional Chinese medicine is a thin film outside the heart. When the external evil invades, the pericardium is in front of the heart and plays a protective role.

Beating pericardium meridian often can not only improve heart function, make your breath and blood flow more powerful, but also reduce fat. From 19:00 to 21:00 in the evening is the running time of pericardium meridian. If you knock the pericardium meridian after supper, the cholesterol accumulated in the blood can be discharged smoothly from the body, and the metabolism speed of food fat in the body can be accelerated. Even if you eat a lot, you don't need to worry about getting fat!

2. Lung Meridian: let your skin no longer dry

A straight line is connected from the depression of the scapula, along the inner side of the arm to the inner end of the thumb, which is the lung meridian of the human body. "Lung dominates skin hair". When beating lung meridians frequently, ensure at least 1500 ml of water per day, which can make water flow to dermis through lung meridians, and make your skin no longer dry!

When tapping lung meridians, you can use half empty fist to knock from the upper part of the big arm to the upper part of the wrist. Because of the small area of the palm, you are recommended to press the thumb of the other hand from the wrist to the inside of the thumb, so as to make the acupoint bear enough force. In addition, from 3:00 to 5:00 in the morning is the period of lung meridians running. It's reasonable to say that the beating effect is the best at this time. If you don't want to disturb your sweet, you can take beating lung meridians as the first lesson of morning exercise!

3. Heart Meridian: the most accurate self physical examination method

The heart meridian starts under the armpit and ends at the tip of the little thumb and runs through the inner side of the upper arm. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart meridian can reveal the most accurate health index of human body, which is a self-test method of health.

The specific method is very simple: first, extend the hand straight forward, 15 seconds later, put it down at an angle of 45 °, 10 seconds later, and then lift the arm vertically. If your blood flows down rapidly and the vein highlights disappear, it means that your indicators are normal and you don't need to worry about your health. If the vein highlights disappear slowly, it means that you are too tired and in urgent need of decompression. It is suggested that you take the opportunity to have a good sleep!

4. Large intestine classic: help you

The large intestine starts from Yingxiang acupoint beside the alar of nose, passes through the neck, runs through the arm and ends at the fingertip of index finger. Beating the large intestine meridian often can clear the intestine and moisten the stomach, make your metabolism smooth, have strong effect, make your skin smooth and fresh breath! The action time of the large intestine meridian is 5:00 to 7:00 in the morning, it is recommended that you knock the large intestine meridian before breakfast to help the body metabolize the toxins deposited in the body at night!

In general, people pay attention to the methods of health preservation, mainly to achieve the purpose of physical health through health preservation. In the common methods of traditional Chinese medicine, several meridians methods introduced in this paper are worth choosing.