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The advantages of Meridians Theory in selecting meridians for health preservation

For the study of traditional Chinese medicine, has become a lot of health care people in peacetime will pay special attention to do things, and meridian health care method, is the common way in traditional Chinese medicine health care method, for this, this article next specially for you on meridian theory and the benefits of meridians are introduced.

Move Qi and blood. "Lingshu bencang" points out that "the meridians, so the blood and Yin and Yang, moisten the muscles and bones, the joints also benefit." Qi and blood is the material basis of human life activities. Only when Qi and blood are warmed and moistened can normal physiological functions be completed. Meridians and collaterals are channels for the movement of human Qi and blood, which can transport nutrients to all tissues and organs of the body, so that the viscera can be nourished, the muscles and bones can be moistened, and the joints can be dredged.

Contact the viscera. "The theory of Lingshu · hailun" points out that "the twelve meridians belong to the internal organs and the external collaterals to the limbs." The reason why the organs of the human body, such as five viscera, four limbs, five senses, nine orifices, skin, flesh, muscles and bones, can maintain relative coordination and unity, and complete normal physiological activities, is that they are realized by the contact and communication of the meridian system. The meridians, meridians, eight meridians and fifteen meridians in the meridians are crisscross. They come in and out of the meridians, reach up and down, and contact the viscera and tissues of the human body. The meridians and skin contact the muscles and skin of the limbs. The floating meridians and sun collaterals contact the subtle parts of the human body. In this way, the meridians connect the human body into an organic whole. The communication function of meridians is also reflected in the conduction function of meridians. The body surface can feel pathogenic factors and all kinds of stimulation, which can be transmitted to the viscera; the physiological function of the viscera is abnormal, which can also be reflected in the body surface. These are the specific manifestations of the role of meridian communication.

Resist pathogenic diseases. Ying Qi goes in the vein, Wei Qi goes out of the vein. The meridians and collaterals "move blood Qi" and make the Qi of Ying and Wei spread all over the body. They are mixed in the five internal organs and sprinkled in the six internal organs to resist pathogenic diseases and prevent internal invasion. External evil invades the human body from the outside to the inside, first from the fur. Wei Qi enriches the collaterals, which are distributed throughout the body and densely distributed in the skin. When external pathogens invade the body, Wei Qi plays the first role in resisting external pathogens and protecting the body. As the "Suwen · Miao CI Lun" said: "when a man is evil, he must first give up his fur, keep it but not go, when he leaves his sun vein, keep it but not go, when he leaves his collaterals, keep it but not go, when he leaves his meridians, he connects the five internal organs and disperses it in his stomach and intestines."

It can be seen from the above that meridian regimen is actually a very popular way for people at present. For those who like to use meridian regimen, the advantages of meridian regimen are also great. It can not only resist diseases and pathogens, but also run Qi and blood and connect viscera.