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How to improve your hair quality

Generally speaking, people's definition of healthy hair is dark and bright. In fact, many people's hair is dry and withered. In fact, there are many reasons for the phenomenon of people's hair withered and yellow. When we improve the hair quality, we can adjust it by means of methods.

(1) Yellow hair with acid constitution: it is related to the increase of acid toxin in the blood, and also to overwork, over eating sweets and fat. Should eat kelp, fish, fresh milk, beans, mushrooms and so on. In addition, eating more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as celery, rape, spinach, cabbage, citrus and so on, is conducive to neutralizing acid toxins in the body and improving the yellowing state.

(2) Pathogenic yellow hair: due to some diseases, such as iron deficiency and the initial recovery of major diseases, it can make the hair turn from black to yellow. This situation should eat more black beans, walnuts, cumin and so on. It contains melanin products, which can promote the growth of melanin. Anisole in Foeniculum vulgare helps to transform melanin into melanin cells, thus making hair black and shiny.

(3) Functional yellow hair: the main causes are mental trauma, fatigue, seasonal, drug and chemical stimulation, which lead to the formation of melanin and melanin cells in the body. This kind of yellow hair needs to eat sea fish, black sesame, alfalfa and so on. The effective components in alfalfa can reproduce melanin cells and have the function of regenerating melanin; black sesame can biochemical melanin; niacin in sea fish can expand capillary, enhance microcirculation, make Qi and blood smooth, eliminate melanin production obstacles, and make hair yellow and healthy.

(4) Malnutrition yellow hair: it is mainly caused by high malnutrition. We should pay attention to the allocation of diet to improve the nutritional status of the body. Eggs, lean meat, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts and black sesame contain not only animal protein and plant protein, but also cystine and cysteine, which are the main components of hair. They are the best food for hair care.

(5) Lack of copper yellow hair: lack of an important "tyrosinase" containing copper in the process of hair melanin formation. The lack of copper in the body will affect the activity of this enzyme and make the hair yellow. Copper rich foods include animal liver, tomato, potato, celery, fruit, etc.

(6) Radiation yellow hair: hair yellow due to long-term radiation, such as working in computers, radars and X-rays. Pay attention to supplement foods rich in vitamin A, such as pig liver, egg yolk, milk, carrots, etc.; eat more radiation resistant foods, such as laver, high protein food and drink more green tea.

What should I do with my hair? It can be seen from the description in this article that when people deal with their own hair withering and yellowness symptoms, they can use diet therapy to regulate them, and for different causes of hair yellowness, the methods that we can choose are also different.