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How to make a delicious sushi peach

Shoutao is a famous dish produced in Shandong Province. Generally, when people celebrate their birthday, they like to order Shoutao as a way to celebrate their birthday. Because Shoutao tastes delicious in Shatin, many people also like to make this dish at home.

Shoutao is a traditional dish of the Han nationality in Qufu. The special dishes on the birthday of Confucius' yanshenggong take the meaning of "Ma Gu Xian Shou". Its shape is large, fat and fresh peach, covered with red longevity characters, with beautiful shape and lifelike image; its taste is sweet and refreshing, refreshing; its meaning is like the East China Sea, and its longevity is longer than the south mountain. In the birthday feast of the Confucius Mansion, I was the first to present.

Materials: 1000 g yam, 2 green plum, 500 g long red date, 2 g wet starch, 30 g mountain cake, 200 g white sugar, 5 g green red silk, 75 g cooked lard.

Method 1

1、 Materials: 150 grams of clear powder, 100 grams of glutinous rice powder, 40 grams of white sugar, 180 grams of boiling water, a little of Matcha powder, 10 red colored bean sugar, 160 grams of bean paste

2. Put the bean candy into a small bowl, then put it into a pot with water, and boil it for later use.

3. Put the Chengfen and glutinous rice flour and white sugar into a large basin, add boiling water and scald them, and then knead them into dough.

4. Then divide into two pieces of dough, one is added with Matcha powder to make green dough, and the other is added with melted bean sugar juice to make pink dough.

5. The white dough is divided into eight small evenly distributed dough, and the pink dough and bean paste are also divided into eight evenly distributed small balls.

6. Take a white dough and press it flat. Add a pink dough at the bottom and press it tight. Then put in a bean ball.

7. Wrap it gently and rub it into a round peach shape.

8. Then a straight line is carved on the blank with the back of the knife.

9. Take a small piece of green dough to make the shape of leaves, and stick it to the bottom of peaches for decoration.

10. Do all the work in turn, put oil paper on the plate and put the longevity peach in place, boil the water in the steamer and steam for 5-8 minutes. Method 2

1. Wash the long red dates, put them into a boiling pot, boil them, take them out, peel them, remove the core, and make them into jujube paste. Add cooked lard to the wok. Jujube paste.

2. Stir fry white sugar over low heat until there is no water.

3. Wash the yams and steam them in the cage (about 30 minutes), take them out and cool them, peel off the skin, peel off the spots on the roots, put them on the clean panel, and smear them into fine mud with a knife.

4. Cut the Hawthorn cake into 5 cm long, 0.7 cm wide and 0.3 cm thick strips. Red silk and green plum are both cut into Chinese famous dishes and medicinal dishes;

5. Take a large plate, put jujube mud in the middle, cover the Chinese yam mud on the jujube mud to make a peach shape, respectively make two leaves on both sides of the peach root, and use a trowel to smooth the surface and use green silk to make a corridor with leaf tendons.

6. Put the word "longevity" on the body of the peach with the Hawthorn cake. Decorate the peach tip and the bottom half with the red silk. Place the green plum on the peach root. Steam in the cage for 5 minutes and take out.

7. Add water and sugar to the soup pot, heat it to boil, thicken it with wet starch to make glass juice, and pour it on the peach.

As a famous dish in Shandong cuisine, one kind of longevity peach is not only famous, but also has a lingering taste. Therefore, for the two methods of making one kind of longevity peach introduced in this paper, you can master them. It should be noted that when people with deficiency of spleen and stomach eat this dish, they should pay attention to controlling their intake.