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How to make the soup of brain strengthening walnut ribs

For parents, the college entrance examination is a very important period for their children to go to school. During the preparation for the exam, because the brain is used excessively, this is very normal. Parents' diet must keep up with it. Brain nourishing walnut ribs soup is a good dish. How to make it? Is there any other brain building method?


Put the keel into the pot and add some ginger water. Boil for 10 minutes, then remove and wash.

Soak tangerine peel and remove. Wash the Euryale seeds and put all materials into the casserole. Add six bowls of water and boil for three hours. Start the pot and season with salt.

Brain building methods:

1. Comb your hair a lot. We say that combing your hair more can stimulate the cerebral cortex, and then stimulate the brain to be active. In fact, combing your hair more is not to say that you comb your hair endlessly, but that you can comb your hair more in the morning or at night.

2. Eat more green vegetables and fish. People's brain decline, there will be cognitive impairment, so, eat more of these green food, as well as fish, it can improve your cognitive ability.

3. The health of the brain also needs to be exposed to the sun. Our bodies need to be exposed to the sun before they can be healthier. Therefore, it's a good thing to choose a fixed point every day and have a sun exposure for more than ten minutes.

4. When eating brain food, you can eat some brain food at regular intervals, such as walnuts or nuts, which can provide nutrients to the brain.

5. Meditation, as many people know, in the process of meditation, in fact, is to let the brain get the best rest, whether to expand or contract, which is helpful to the brain.

6. Keep optimistic. Optimistic emotions will keep your brain in a state of excitement and make you smarter. And if you are sad, or pessimistic, it will directly make you dementia.

7. Aerobic exercise, no matter what kind of exercise, as long as it involves aerobic exercise, it can help your brain get more oxygen, so as to help brain health.

The work pressure of office workers leads to a series of phenomena that experience is not concentrated. This is a very obvious phenomenon of excessive use of the brain. At this time, we should learn to strengthen the brain, so as to make the work more dynamic and more energetic, hoping to help everyone.