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Eating garlic is not for everyone five kinds of people eating garlic is chronic suicide

Garlic is a kind of seasoning which is very commonly used in people's life. It has a certain effect on cooking taste and disease prevention and treatment. In life, people often eat garlic raw to kill bacteria and bacteria. It should be noted that garlic is not suitable for all people to eat, and some people will cause great damage to the body after eating garlic.

1. Patients with ophthalmopathy. The ancients said, "garlic can cure all diseases but one eye". Eating garlic in large quantities for a long time is harmful to the eyes. Ji Kang said in "on" that "meat and spices are harmful to the eyes", garlic is the most pungent, and it is clear to the body, through the eyes, easy to cause eye damage. So take care not to eat too much garlic, especially for people with eye disease, in the treatment must avoid spicy food.

2. Weak and hot. The ancients believed that eating more garlic would consume the gas of dispersing people, but also the blood of dispersing people. According to the records in the new book of Materia Medica, "garlic is hot and poisonous. It can produce phlegm and fire. Dispersing gas and consuming blood. People who are weak and hot should not touch their lips.". So people with poor health and weak Qi and blood should pay attention.

3. Patients with liver disease. Many people eat garlic to prevent hepatitis, and even some people still eat garlic every day after suffering from hepatitis. It's all wrong. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records that garlic "damages the liver and eyes after a long time of eating". Garlic is hot and can help fire; it has a pungent taste and strong irritancy. If the liver has internal fire, if eaten, the liver fire will be more prosperous, and it will cause damage after a long time.

4. Those who are seriously ill should eat with caution. Garlic is the hair, so-called hair, refers to the food which is easy to induce some diseases or aggravate the diseases. Eating spicy food, such as garlic and pepper, is likely to appear obvious to people who have serious diseases or are taking medicine. It may not only cause old diseases, but also cause drug failure, or have a chain reaction with drugs, affecting health.

Purple Garlic is more antibacterial than white garlic. Garlic can be divided into white garlic, Purple Garlic and black garlic according to the color of the skin, among which white garlic and purple garlic are common. Compared with white garlic, purple garlic has more pungent taste, higher content of allicin and more obvious antibacterial effect. Single garlic is more anticancer, its pungent taste is unique, it has a certain medicinal value, and its anticancer effect is higher than that of common cloved garlic.

5. Diarrhea patients with spleen deficiency. Raw garlic is highly irritant, and it can promote digestion if you eat less. However, if you eat garlic again when you have non bacterial enteritis or diarrhea, strong stimulation will aggravate the congestion and edema of intestinal mucosa, promote exudation, and worsen the condition.

It can be seen from the above that although garlic has many beneficial effects on human health, for patients with liver disease, physical deficiency heat, diarrhea, serious disease and eye disease, it will not help the body recover quickly after eating garlic, but also lead to certain deterioration and aggravation of their condition. Therefore, these five kinds of people should not eat garlic.