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What are the symptoms of autumn fire? What do you eat in autumn fire

Autumn is a very dry season, so it is easy to catch fire. What are the symptoms of catching fire in autumn? What do you eat on fire in autumn? Fall on fire and how to eat conditioning, the following for you to introduce what autumn symptoms and what to eat conditioning.

"Eliminating fire" diet therapy: "can be adjusted through diet, and" "has a unique effect.

1、 Drink pear water to eliminate liver fire

Symptoms: headache, dizziness, tinnitus, dry eyes, bitter mouth, halitosis, pain in both ribs.

Method: mash 10 grams of Fritillaria sichuanensis into powder, 2 pears, peel and cut into pieces, add proper amount of ice sugar, and stew with water.

2、 Drink lotus seed soup to make your heart burn

Symptoms: there are two kinds of deficiency and real symptoms. Deficiency fire is manifested as low fever, night sweat, upset, dry mouth, etc.

Real fire is manifested in repetition, dry mouth, short urine, irritability and so on.

Method: 30g lotus seed (without lotus heart), 15g mast (wrapped with gauze), add some amount of crystal sugar, fry in water, eat lotus seed and drink soup.

3、 Eating pig liver can remove lung fire

Symptoms: dry cough without phlegm or less phlegm and sticky, hot and night sweat, hand, foot and heart heat, red tongue.

Method: one pair of pig liver, 30 grams of Chrysanthemum (wrapped with gauze), cooked until liver is cooked, eat liver and drink soup. 4、 Eat pork loin and remove kidney fire

Symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, deafness, waist and spinal cord weakness, hot and night sweat, five heart fidgety.

Method: 2 pork loins, 15 grams of Cornus meat, put them into a casserole and cook until pork loin is cooked. Eat pork loin and drink soup.

5、 Eat mung bean porridge to get rid of stomach heat

Symptoms: there are two types: deficiency and excess. Deficiency and fire are mild, with less food, abdominal distention, red tongue and less moss.

Real fire is manifested as upper abdominal discomfort, dry mouth and bitter mouth, and hard stool.

Method: 30 grams of gypsum powder, appropriate amount of Japonica Rice and mung bean, first boil gypsum with water, then filter the residue, take the clear liquid, and then add japonica rice and mung bean to cook porridge.


It is not suitable to eat spicy food on fire. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Pay attention to oral hygiene, wash your mouth frequently, drink more water, and take "Qinghuo" drugs under the guidance of doctors. If the symptoms of "" are obvious and have not improved for more than one week, you need to go to the hospital in time.