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What are the symptoms of acne? Chinese medicine treatment of acne

What are the symptoms of acne? 1. Acne: includes white and black. It is a cone-shaped papule consistent with the hair follicle, not reddening, not bulging and not on the skin surface. It is not easy to detect if it is small in number. You can touch the large skin lesions of rice grains contained in the skin with your hands. It can be closed or open. The top of open acne is yellow and white, and blackhead acne can also be formed due to pigment deposition. The extrusion head is black and the lower part is white and translucent. Acne is the early damage of acne. When it gets worse, it can form inflammation papule.

2. Papule: inflammatory papule developed for acne, with red papule as the skin lesion.

3. Pustule: it can form a green bean sized pustule on the basis of a papule.

4. Cyst nodule: if the inflammation continues to develop, dark red nodules or cysts of different sizes may be formed, and there may be wave motion during extrusion. Chinese medicine treatment of acne focuses on external treatment

There are 8 prescriptions for acne in elbow reserve emergency prescription, 7 of which are external prescriptions; 25 prescriptions for Qianjin prescription, 17 of which are external prescriptions; 11 of 13 prescriptions for treating acne. It can be seen that the ancients paid attention to the method of external treatment, and applied medicine for a long time, mostly "sleeping at night, applying on the face, washing once". Excipients include chicken white, wine, vinegar, pig fat, well water, etc.

Strong detoxification and insecticidal power

From the perspective of ancient medicine, Hu Fen, mercury, alunite, Myzus, cantharis, Croton, sulfur, and Sophora flavescens are all powerful drugs for detoxification and disinfestation, which are used in addition to those with severe acne lesions. For example, in the back of elbow, Hu powder, mercury, boar fat and Shuyan are used to cure the disease; in the authentic surgery, zhenjunmiaotan (mainly sulfur) and baifuzi are used to treat the disease. The upside down powder of the medical school Jinjian: rhubarb, sulfur, etc.

Pay attention to dispelling wind and removing blemishes

According to the theory of "sweat is the wind, cold is the thin, and acne is the dampness". No matter for internal or external use, many doctors pay more attention to dispelling wind evil, such as: Fangfeng, asarum, chuanxiong, baifuzi, almond, Mulan skin, black bean, etc.

For example, "Mulan cream formula" (Mulan, Fangfeng, Angelica dahurica, Duhuo, gaoben, eucommia, Xinyi, chuanxiong, asarum, etc.) recorded in "liujuezi Guiyi formula" and "Fu Bu Shang" for "facial pustules". In the thousand gold recipe, it is said that "the recipe for the treatment of noodles: one jin of Magnolia skin, with three years of vinegar stains", which can be taken with warm wine. Magnolia, baifuzi and Angelica have the function of dispelling wind and removing blemishes. Zhangzi and "face wind" use "motherwort ash, face soup and, burn for seven times, wash the face with it".