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Red bean eating is not right, you will lose your life

Red bean will die if you don't eat it properly. Red bean is usually used as stuffing. In Western food or steamed bun, it is rich in nutrition and tastes soft, waxy and sweet. When you eat delicious food, what do you know about its nutrition? What are its taboos? Let's have a look.

Taboo of red bean

Red beans have a lot of nutritional value, but at the same time, we must understand the taboo. In daily life, red beans are more used for dietotherapy, but when making red beans into dishes, some taboos also need to be understood. The specific red bean taking taboos are as follows:

1. Red beans can't be boiled with rice, or it will easily lead to mouth sore.

2. Red bean has certain drug properties. After entering the body, it has a good effect of diuresis, detumescence and heart activity. However, if salt is added in the cooking process of red beans, it will not only not improve the efficacy, but also reduce the efficacy.

3. Red bean has a good diuretic and detumescence effect, but also can effectively promote the intestinal peristalsis speed. It is suggested that some patients with weak gastrointestinal function should not be greedy for more red beans.

4. In traditional Chinese medicine, red bean glycolic acid has diuretic effect. Therefore, we should not eat more at ordinary times, otherwise it is easy to have more urine and lose weight.

5. If you are accidentally bitten by a snake, it is recommended that you do not take red beans within 100 days to avoid the impact on your health.

6. Red beans should not be taken together with mutton, mutton liver and mutton tripe, otherwise it will cause great damage to the body and easily lead to poisoning.

7. Patients with more urine are not recommended to take more red beans, otherwise the frequency of urine will be more serious.

Effect and function of red bean

1. Nourishing blood and heart

Red bean has been used for thousands of years in our country. Li Shizhen emphasized the nourishing function of red bean in her great works. Red bean not only can clear heart fire, but also can replenish heart blood.

In addition, red beans contain a lot of crude fiber material, so it can reduce blood lipid and blood pressure after taking, and can effectively improve the function of heart activity.

In addition, the iron element in red beans is also very rich. A large number of red beans can promote qi and blood, which is very suitable for women to take, so that in winter there will be no cold hands and feet.

2. Healthy spleen and stomach

Red bean is also known as red bean in traditional Chinese medicine, which has a good effect on spleen and stomach.

When the weather is cold, with the decrease of temperature, our digestive capacity of spleen and stomach will also increase, and the absorption capacity of the body will also increase. Therefore, we should eat more red beans in winter, which is the best way to protect the spleen and stomach.

3. Removing dampness and clearing away heat

Chinese medicine experts tell us that the body's water does not flow in the body with Qi and blood, but stays in the cells for a long time, so that the body will become fat with the increase of water.

Red beans are rich in vitamin B group, and there are also a lot of iron, protein and fat, which has the effect of removing dampness, clearing heat and diuresis.

4. Eliminate edema

It is found that there is abundant saponin in red bean, which has very strong diuretic effect.

Therefore, red beans have a strong effect on the body swelling caused by beriberi or kidney weakness. If the body has edema, it is recommended to use red beans, which can play a very good role.

Other instructions

As the saying goes: "men are afraid to wear boots, women are afraid to wear hats". Edema is the enemy of women. Red beans are good for removing water and dampness, which is very helpful for eliminating edema.

Red bean is a typical high potassium food with a protein content of 20% and a strong sense of satiety. It is a good main food source for female friends who want to control their weight.

The soft and fragrant red bean sand made of red bean always adds to all kinds of snacks. However, when using bean paste to make snacks, we should pay more attention to the use of sugar, otherwise we will lose more than gain.