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Which sleeping posture can improve the quality of sleep

In daily life, if people want to have a better sleep state, the choice of sleeping posture also plays a crucial role. Generally speaking, people's sleeping posture of head north foot south at night is most beneficial to their health. Which sleeping posture can improve the quality?

Scientific research shows that people should use the direction of head north and foot south when sleeping. This is because the earth itself has a geomagnetic field. The direction of the geomagnetic field is north-south (divided into the South Pole and the north pole). The magnetic field has the property of attracting iron, cobalt and nickel. The human body contains these three elements, especially a lot of iron in the blood. Choosing the direction of the head, the north foot and the south foot to sleep can conform to the geomagnetic line and make the magnetic line pass through smoothly Pass the human body, minimize the interference of the earth's magnetic field on the human body, and make it more sweet.

Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that people should sleep with their heads north and feet south. The explanation is that taking this sleeping direction, the movement direction of Qi and blood in the human body is consistent with the direction of the earth's magnetic line, which is easy to make Qi and blood unblocked, the metabolic rate reduced, and the energy consumption reduced. When you wake up, you will naturally feel refreshed.

In ancient and modern times, many medical experts believe that the best sleeping posture is to lie on one's right side with slight bending of the body, no matter men or women, old or young. This is mainly derived from human physiological structure. The heart is on the left side of the chest, the opening of the gastrointestinal tract is on the right side, and the liver is on the right side. If you lie on the right side, you can reduce the pressure of the heart. If the pressure of the heart is small, it will be conducive to blood pumping out and increase the blood supply flow of the stomach, liver and other organs. At the same time, when you lie on the right side, the contents of the stomach are easy to flow into the duodenum and small intestine, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of food and the metabolism of the human body.

Other sleeping positions have one or other disadvantages. When lying on the back, the root of the tongue falls back, which makes it easy to snore due to poor breathing. When sleeping, the hands are easy to put on the chest to press on the heart socket, which leads to nightmares and makes people sleep very tired. When lying on the front, the chest and abdomen are compressed, the mouth and nose are easy to be covered by pillows, and it is easy to cause falling pillows; When lying on the left side, the apex of the heart is easy to be compressed. When the ear is attached to the pillow, you can hear the heart beat, which affects sleep. Over time, it can also lead to neurasthenia and cardiovascular disease.

In addition, sleeping in this position can relax the muscles of the whole body during sleep, ensure smooth breathing, and minimize the physiological activities of the heart, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. Because the heart is not oppressed and the lungs breathe freely, it can ensure the oxygen supply needed by the whole body in the sleep state, so that the brain can be fully rested and the quality can be improved.

For most healthy people, you don't have to worry too much about your sleeping posture. This is because in the process of one night, the human body turns over more times, and it is impossible for people to keep the same sleeping position until dawn. Our body is very smart. In order to relieve fatigue and recover physical strength, it always makes people unconsciously change their sleeping posture in the process of sleeping.

For people with a certain disease, it is necessary to pay attention to the posture, not to force the right side to lie mechanically. It is beneficial to take some protective sleeping posture to prevent the occurrence of the disease or reduce the symptoms of the disease. You know, many diseases are caused or aggravated by improper sleeping posture. Here we will introduce the suitable sleeping posture of several common diseases:

Hypertension: for patients with hypertension, especially for the elderly, the sleeping position should be half lying or side lying position. 15 cm high pillow can be used. Too high or too low will cause discomfort.

Cholecystitis and cholelithiasis: it is advisable to take the right lying position, so as to facilitate the excretion of bile, prevent stones from incarceration and obstruction, so as to relieve pain.

Lumbago: it is suitable for sleeping on one's side, so as to relax the muscles completely, avoid the tension of muscles, stimulate or compress the nerves, and cause or aggravate lumbago pain.

Tuberculosis: both sides of the lungs are sick, the best way to sleep on your back. If the left lung is ill, it is suitable to sleep on the left side; if the right lung is ill, it is suitable to sleep on the right side.

Myocarditis, asthma, heart failure: taking a half lying and half sitting sleeping position can improve the blood circulation of the lungs, reduce blood stasis in the lungs, increase the amount of oxygen inhalation, and help to relieve and rest the symptoms.

Otitis media: generally, abscess will be filled with the affected lateral auditory canal. In order to make abscess drainage unobstructed, the affected lateral position can be taken to promote the discharge of pus.

Gastric ulcer: Patients with gastric ulcer should advocate lying on the left side. If lying on the right side, the reflux of acid liquid from the stomach to the esophagus is much more than that of the normal condition, and it can cause heartburn continuously.

Heart disease: those with good compensatory function can lie on the right side. If heart failure has occurred, half lying position can be used to reduce dyspnea. Do not lie on the left side or prone position.

Cervical spondylosis: when sleeping, put the pillow under the neck, do not let the neck hang in the air, and do not turn over suddenly and violently. If can pillow use cervical vertebra health care pillow nature is better.

From the analysis of which sleeping posture can improve the quality, it can be seen that the choice of sleeping posture actually has a certain effect on whether people can sleep well. Generally speaking, when people have the above-mentioned diseases on their bodies, they should pay more attention to the choice of sleeping posture.