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What is the effect of Papaya Soup in red wine

Red wine and papaya are good food in life, good for female friends, papaya can play a good breast enhancement effect, red wine can effectively soften blood vessels, recently a red wine Papaya Soup is popular, what's the effect of mixing the two? Share with you.

Papaya Soup in red wine

Ingredients: two and a half cups of red wine (about 700ml), half papaya, and crystal sugar (according to personal preference)

Peel papaya after cleaning. Use a knife to cut several patterns according to the size, so as to color and taste.

Pour the red wine into the pot. If you don't pass the surface of the papaya, add the ice sugar and cook it slowly over medium heat until the appearance of the papaya is all purple red.

Until the papaya becomes crisp and rotten, heat the remaining red wine soup in the middle of the pear until the remaining soup becomes thick. Pour the thick soup on the cooked papaya. Some people also suggest adding some, the effect will be better.


Papaya Soup in red wine makes breast cells develop twice, and solves the problems of small chest, flat chest, outward expansion, relaxation and sagging, poor elasticity, dark areola and rough skin at one time. It makes cup a rise to D, and double peaks round, firm, elastic, jumping and tender again become plump and firm. The biggest difference between red wine Papaya Soup and other breast enhancement products is that it not only enlarges the cup cover, but also repairs the imperfect breast shape, and at the same time strengthens the luster and firmness of the whole body skin. No matter whether it is congenital dysplasia or acquired breast shape change, it can be beautiful from head to foot in 60 days, and every part of the body exudes the temptation.

Red wine and papaya mixed together is also good, but it's better not to eat together, because each has its own value, do not mix together easily, because red is generated by chemical reaction, which may make papaya react, hoping to help you.