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The nutritional value of Strawberry

Now in the supermarket you can see big and small strawberries with bright color and sweet smell, which makes people have an appetite. Do you think about the nutritional value of strawberries when you eat them? Do you know the benefits of eating strawberries? Xiaobian takes you into the world of strawberries today to learn about the eating methods of strawberries.

Nutritional value of Strawberry

Nutrition analysis of strawberry:

1. The carotene contained in strawberry is an important substance for the synthesis of vitamin A, which has the effect of eye-catching and liver nourishing.

2. Strawberry has certain tonic and conditioning effects on gastrointestinal tract.

3. Strawberry can not only prevent scurvy, but also cure arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

4. Strawberry is a plant with rich tannic acid, which can absorb and prevent the absorption of carcinogenic chemicals in vivo, and has the function of preventing cancer.

5. Strawberry contains aspartic acid, which can naturally and peacefully remove heavy metal ions in the body.

Strawberry effect:

Strawberry taste sweet, sour, cool, non-toxic. It has the functions of moistening lung, promoting body fluid, invigorating spleen, relieving summer heat, relieving fever, diuresis and thirst; it is mainly used to treat wind heat, erosion of tongue, swelling of throat, and hypertension.

Common methods of Strawberry

No phlegm in the treatment of dry cough

Formula: 6G fresh strawberry, 30g ice sugar.

Making method: put the two flavors into the pot and boil them together.

Serving method: take it three times a day.

Formula: Strawberry 60g.

Method: wash and mash strawberries, and wash them with cold boiled water.

Take medicine: three times a day.

Treat diabetes

Formula: some fresh strawberries.

Method: wash the strawberries.

Serving method: eat frequently.


Formula: 250g strawberry, 100g dry, 100g white sugar.

Method: put the three ingredients into the pot, add 800 ml of water, boil them, then burn them in a mild fire for 5 minutes, and soak them in the fire for 10 hours before eating.

Serving method: drink soup, eat strawberries, dry.


Formula: 100g strawberry, 50g jujube, 30g lychee, 150g glutinous rice.

Making method: put the upper 4 flavors into the pot, add some water to make porridge.

Take the law: eat it.

Conclusion: when you buy strawberries, you must pay attention to those big strawberries with bright surface. You can't buy those of that style, because they are all made of chemical pesticides. When you wash strawberries, you'd better not put them in water and soak them in water for five minutes, or soak them in salt water.


Formula: fresh strawberry juice, lemon juice and raw pear juice are 50g and 15g respectively.

Preparation: mix the top 4 flavors.

Service method: serve it twice.

Treat anorexia

Formula: 250g fresh strawberry.

Preparation: wash the strawberries and grind the juice.

Serving method: drink twice.

Treatment of dyspepsia

Formula: 100g strawberry, 30g hawthorn.

Preparation: wash the upper two flavors, put them into the pot, add some water to fry the soup.

Take method: drink soup.

To cure the great knot

Formula: Strawberry 50g, sesame oil right amount.

Method: mash strawberries and mix well with sesame oil.

Method of administration: oral administration on an empty stomach.

Benefits of eating strawberries

Treat summer diarrhea

Formula: Strawberry right amount.

System method: put strawberries into pot, add water, fry soup.

Take method: drink soup.