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There are ten signs of bad liver

The liver is a very important organ in our body, but it is also easy to have problems. However, many people are careless about it. At the beginning of the liver, we can't find the problems. When we find the disease, it's very difficult to treat it at the end. What's the sign of the bad liver?

Symptom 1: the liver is the largest digestive gland of the human body, and the digestive function of people with poor liver function is worse than that of normal people, so they will have symptoms such as anorexia, fullness after eating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal diarrhea, abdominal pain, anorexia or greasiness.

Symptom 2: people with poor liver function have abnormal vitamin metabolism. Lack of vitamin can cause night blindness, rough skin, inflammation of lips and tongue, edema, skin bleeding, osteoporosis and other symptoms.

Symptom 3: in people with poor liver function, fat metabolism will be abnormal, resulting in the decrease of plasma total fatty acid concentration and the lack of polyunsaturated fatty acid, the increase of plasma free fatty acid and triglyceride, and the excessive triglyceride will be stored in the form of fat droplets. Therefore, people with poor liver function are prone to suffer from fatty liver.

Symptom 4: attention is not easy to focus, dizziness and tinnitus.

Symptom 5: the face is dull and lusterless, the whole body turns yellow, especially the sclera turns yellow.

Symptom 6: urine, phlegm, tears and sweat are also yellow, saliva generally does not change color.

Symptom 7: red nose. The redness of the nose is due to the expansion of the capillaries. Although redness of the nose does not necessarily mean liver damage. But at this time, we should pay attention to nourishing and protecting the liver.

Symptom 8: easier to get drunk than before. Many people drink a lot at one time, vomiting and dizziness, but after this time, the amount of alcohol is much smaller than before. A little drink will make you drunk. This symptom is a reminder of the decline in liver function and the failure to completely decompose the alcohol metabolite acetaldehyde.

Symptom 9: acne is significantly more than before. Hormones in the body promote the secretion of sebum. The liver can destroy hormones, regulate hormones, reduce liver function, increase sebum secretion and acne.

Symptom 10: fidgety, insomnia and dreamy: deficiency of kidney Yin causes deficiency of fire and internal disturbance, which makes people fidgety. If Yin Qi cannot be collected at night, it will lead to dreamy. Daily life should be arranged reasonably, and sexual life should be controlled. Pay attention to eating duck, turtle, lotus root, lotus seed, lily, agaric, mulberry and other foods.

People with bad liver must take good care of their liver in the regeneration lake. Once there are three or more of the above symptoms in life, go to the hospital as much as possible to have a physical examination and early treatment, hoping to help everyone.