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How to turn white hair into black five kinds of diet therapy make your hair dark and bright

For young people, if the color of hair changes from black to white prematurely, it will obviously have a certain impact on their normal life. Moreover, if the number of white hair is large, it may cause people to have inferiority complex. Then, how can white hair turn black?

The main food for the patients with white hair can be purple pearl rice, red beans, green beans, Hong Ling, black sesame, walnuts, etc.; the vegetables can be carrot, spinach, purple turnip, purple cabbage, mushrooms, black fungus, etc.

Animals often eat black bone chicken, beef, sheep, pig liver, turtle, dark meat fish, etc.

Fruits often eat dates, black dates, persimmons, mulberry, purple and so on.

In a word, all foods with dark colors (green, red, yellow and purple) contain the pigments formed by the natural plant body and sunlight, which can supplement the human body's pigments and are beneficial to the health care of hair color. In addition, pay attention to ensure adequate protein, vitamins, etc. Eat more vegetable oil, less animal fat, less sugar, can be replaced with or a small amount of brown sugar. Severe white hair should be treated in time to keep the mood comfortable and not over tense and tired.

1. Sesame paste

The proportion of black sesame and japonica rice is 1:1.5. First, wash the black sesame, dry it in the sun, stir fry it to make it fragrant, but do not fry it. Then take out the rice that has been soaked for 1 hour, mix it with the black sesame, grind it together. After grinding for 2-3 times, filter it with gauze and water again and again. Remove the dregs and add some water. Then it can be boiled into sesame paste and eaten with sugar. It can benefit the stomach, prevent white hair, and keep the skin delicate.


Function: tonify the liver and kidney, and have therapeutic effect on dizziness and early white hair caused by liver and kidney deficiency.

Method of consumption: decoct soup and stew, 9-15g each time; boil cream and soak wine or put into pill or powder.

3. Congee and Polygonum multiflorum

First put the Polygonum multiflorum into a small casserole, fry the juice, remove the residue, and then put in the cleaned japonica rice and red dates, add some water to cook the porridge, and then add brown sugar to the porridge. This porridge has the functions of nourishing blood and benefiting liver, consolidating essence and black hair. It is suitable for people with early white hair and yellow hair. One dose per day, two times, 7-10 days as a course of treatment, 5 days apart for the next course. Loose stool should not be eaten.

4. Royal jelly can prevent white hair

Royal jelly contains high nutritional ingredients, especially it can provide the substances needed for melanin secretion and synthesis, and transport melanin particles to the blood vessels of hair follicles, making them more common and active, enhancing the function of melanin particles, so that melanin is constantly generated and secret, and the hair will become black.

5. Walnut dip

1000 g walnut kernel, soak in cold water for 3 days, remove the skin tip. Then put a proper amount of sugar into the pot, and pour it into walnuts after melting, stir well, and then eat it when it's cold. Take 10 capsules twice a day.

In fact, if you want to make your white hair black, you can take the right way to achieve, and the method to adjust, to a certain extent, for the white hair is also helpful, so, the content described above is the method that you can choose to make your white hair black.