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The secret of men's health and longevity

In this society, men face more pressure than women, and the speed of men's aging is far higher than women's. Therefore, if male friends want to live a long and healthy life, they need to understand some things that can help them to achieve health. Here is a detailed introduction.

Men's initial aging begins when their bodies are fully developed at the age of 20-22. However, there is no need to feel depressed and panic about it. Whether you're a 20-year-old newborn, a 30-year-old who feels good about yourself, or a 40-year-old who needs sustainable development, keep in mind that men are born to nourish and need more energy than women.

1. The smooth meridians need: clearing the mind. All the seven emotions and six desires will destroy the pure mind and the normal operation of the meridians.

2. To maintain a healthy body, we need not only "to increase income (increase Qi and blood), but also" to save expenditure (reduce the loss of blood gas). ".

3. Excessive increase of food will not only not increase blood gas, but also become a burden of garbage in the body. In turn, they must be cleaned up by consuming blood gas. The five zang organs and six Fu organs are a blood gas processing factory. Food is raw material, processing capacity is limited, and food is unlimited, so the quantity of food must be controlled.

4. Remember: sleep is the first element. The sleeping time should be 21:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m. Because this time is a day of winter, winter main Tibet, winter does not hide is not long in spring and summer, that is, the second day no spirit.

5. All the wisdom of human beings is not learned from books, but from their own sincere heart, pure heart (that is, the Buddha's Bodhi Heart), and from their determination.

6. Human health can not be separated from two major elements: enough Qi and blood; smooth channels (including blood vessels and garbage discharge channels). 7. Sufficient Qi and blood: enough food + bile + high quality (the brain does not work at all at this time, dominated by the autonomic nerves) + good living habits within the necessary time (after dark to 1:40 midnight at night).

8. Rest method: sit (lie) on the bed, put down the body and mind together, your whole body is like melting, do not use a little strength, as if there is no such body. Breathing is natural, and the heart does not allow it to use a little force. Reading together is to use force. Put your heart under the foot plate. This is to ignite the fire downward and draw water upward, so that your qi and blood will flow smoothly.

9. As the saying goes, "when you have an idea, it's up to you.". If you can really understand the word "machine", then your understanding will be turned on. When teachers teach people and doctors treat diseases, they are actually calling on your "machine" to turn on your "machine". This "machine" is sometimes called "key". Of course, there are conditions for this "engine" to work, just as hydrogen can only burn and explode in case of fire if it reaches a certain concentration. Remember, the role of others is external, and you are the real internal.

10. People are governed by the five elements of Qi, so the body is mainly Qi. Qi deficiency is the disease, qi stagnation is the disease. If you want to cure the disease, first cure the Qi.

11. Qi to blood, blood to Qi, two and one. For a long time, people will hurt blood, Qi, flesh, bones and tendons. For a long time, they will hurt vitality and kidney. It's a fire that consumes the sun.

12、 In the treatment of the diseases of the five zang organs, it is better to invigorate the Qi. The kidney is still in a hurry. Invigorating Qi in the heart, heart, liver Wang, pulse shock, real water consumption. The heart is the fan, the main wind. If the wind blows, the fire will be strong. If the fire is strong, the water will be dry. If the water is dry, the ground will be damaged.

13. One is to calm the mind. The governed believe in firmness and specialization. They can rule all diseases and work miraculously.

For male friends, the heavy work pressure and heavy burden of life will often make them feel exhausted, and these invisible pressures will also lead to a great shortening of their life expectancy to a certain extent. Therefore, the thirteen Health Secrets proposed in this paper need to be carried out by the big family in accordance with the above methods at ordinary times.