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How to deal with the pressure? It can help you relax in three ways

Pressure has become the biggest problem people are facing in social life. Because of the existence of high pressure, many people will suffer from unhealthy symptoms such as high life pressure and upset, so what should we do if there is pressure? Here are three ways to relieve the pressure.

Relax your eyes. Move your eyes clockwise, and then turn in the opposite direction. Then, widen your eyes, look at the distance, and slowly close them to rest. Close your eyes, rub your hands hard, cover your eyes, breathe deeply at the same time, relax your abdomen with inhalation, and tighten your breath. Stand on one foot. At the beginning, you can hold your hands on the chair and close your eyes. After a long practice, you can leave the chair with both hands and close your hands. After five breaths, you can exchange left and right.

This exercise is particularly helpful for eye health care, and can help restore and maintain the balance ability of the body, restore the healthy state of the body, and keep the body young; it can also improve the depressed mood. Sedentary computer users can do more of this training.

Wake up and stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Inhale, raise your hands, open your fingers as much as possible, keep your heels off the ground, look up with your eyes, and breathe five times. Then, in a simple sitting position, put the middle finger of the right index finger on the forehead, press the thumb on the right nostril, use the left nostril to breathe first, then use the ring finger to press the left nostril, use the right nostril to breathe first, then use the left nostril to breathe right, right to breathe left, the above is one round, do five rounds later.

This exercise can help refresh your mind, boost your spirit, increase your concentration, relax your leg muscles, eliminate edema, and make your legs and ankles slim. It has a very good conditioning effect on smooth excretion. It is especially suitable for women who need to stand up frequently.

Sit on the chair with hands and feet stretching movement, bend the knee, turn the left foot around the right leg from the front, hook the tip of the left foot behind the right leg, and bend both arms, with the left elbow at the top and the right elbow at the bottom, and wrap the two arms around the palm to face each other. After five breaths, exchange left and right. Back palming: sitting, palming with hands behind you, turning your fingertips up. Inhale, raise your head, and keep your fingertips as close to the back of your brain as possible for 5 breaths.

This exercise can improve the problems of tachycardia, tachycardia, premature beat, etc.; it can make the breathing more smooth and powerful, and maintain the vigorous energy. Women often do this exercise, but also to improve the arm and chest line, and can eliminate the back of the shoulder and neck tension and stiffness, help the shoulder and neck relax, and then relax the body, calm the mood.

As the main force in the current social life, whether in social life or at home, the pressure of female friends will make them appear or rough skin and other symptoms, and the above three methods are the sports methods to relieve the pressure for women in the workplace.