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How to distinguish the true and false milk powder

In the morning of April 9, the food safety office of the State Council, the State Food and Drug Administration and the Shanghai Food Safety Office held a press conference on the investigation of the production and sale of fake milk powder cases in the economic daily, which was broadcast live on China Economic Net. According to the Shanghai food and drug administration, the case was filed due to the report of Abbott. Because Abbott's headquarters is in Shanghai, according to the principle of territoriality, the Shanghai authorities filed and accepted the case at the first time. A total of 9 suspects were arrested, 6 of whom were transferred to the procuratorial organ for public prosecution. At present, there is a suspect Yang who is still on the Internet and has not been arrested. Nowadays, people are really desperate. In order to earn money, their children's health is completely ignored. The milk powder they eat is very important. If it is fake or expired, there will be various problems when their children eat it. Then, how do mothers distinguish the true from the false when they buy milk powder?

1. Package design: good sealing of milk powder package

Good milk powder is usually covered with plastic cover on the outer layer and tinfoil paper on the inner layer. There are pull rings on the tinfoil paper for easy opening.

It is difficult to achieve the sealing effect only by the remaining outer plastic cover after the tin foil layer is torn and the can is opened.

The outer plastic cover has poor anti oxygen and water resistance, and the air is easy to enter, which makes the milk powder oxidized by moisture.

The tin foil paper in the inner layer also has the problem that the gas is easy to penetrate before unsealing, because the joint between the tin foil paper and the milk powder tank will have very small air permeability holes. If the storage time is long, the milk powder in the tank is easy to be oxidized.

2. Color discrimination: real milk powder is natural milk yellow

The true milk powder is natural milk yellow; the false milk powder is white, with crystal and luster, or bleached white, or other unnatural colors.

3. Feel: the real milk powder is delicate and will make a "squeak" sound

Hold the milk powder packaging bag with your fingers and rub it back and forth. The real milk powder is delicate and will make a "squeak" sound; while the fake milk powder will make a "rustle" sound due to its coarse particles mixed with ingredients such as soft white sugar and sugar. 4. Look at the dissolution rate: real milk powder needs to be stirred to dissolve into milky white turbid liquid

Put the milk powder into the cup and wash it with cold boiled water. The real milk powder needs to be stirred to dissolve into milk white turbid liquid; the fake milk powder can dissolve or precipitate automatically without stirring.

5. Wash with hot water: the real milk powder forms a floating object

When the milk powder is washed with hot water, the real milk powder will float upward and stick to the spoon at the beginning of mixing; the adulterated milk powder dissolves rapidly without the flavor and color of natural milk.

6. Taste: real milk powder is delicate, sticky, easy to stick to teeth, tongue and upper jaw, and dissolves quickly

Put a little milk powder into the mouth to taste. The real milk powder is delicate and sticky, which is easy to stick to teeth, tongue and upper jaw. It dissolves quickly and has no sugar sweet taste (except for milk powder with sugar); the fake milk powder dissolves quickly in the mouth, which is not stick to teeth and has strong sweet taste.

Through the above six methods, I believe that every mother knows how to distinguish the real milk powder from the fake milk powder, so as not to buy the fake milk powder and cause harm to her children. In this way, as a parent, I can't forgive myself for my whole life, and I hope that each of us should do conscience business.