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Four hazards of barbecue for paragonimiasis

Xiao Xiao (pseudonym), a 12-year-old boy living in Changsha County, went to see a doctor for a long time because of low fever and hemoptysis. After six months of treatment, he had no significant effect. Recently, he came to the children's Hospital of Hunan Province for treatment, and finally found the cause. It turned out that he had paragonimiasis. According to the doctor, Xiao Xiao's illness is related to his fondness for barbecue. Many people like barbecue very much. Especially in summer, barbecue is very common. Many people can't stand the temptation of delicious food and often eat it. So, what are the hazards of barbecue? Let's get to know.

Susceptible to parasitosis

Some of the meat barbecue food is very tender outside for the sake of selling. In fact, it's not cooked thoroughly, even raw meat. Raw meat that has not been roasted is not qualified, such as "rice pork". People who eat it may be infected with parasites and bury the hidden danger of cerebral cysticercosis. Brucellosis is a common disease. Because brucellosis is a systemic disease, delayed treatment often causes damage to some systems of the body.

Ingestion of food additives without warranty

It is no secret in the industry to add "three no" additives produced by small workshops. Usually in the mixing meat section, add nitrite, ethyl malt, meat ball, mutton essence, pork essence, etc. in the barbecue part, add a drop of incense, thyme, barbecue flavor, etc. after the barbecue is finished, add more than 10 kinds of condiments, such as chilli essence, sesame oil essence, etc. Excessive consumption increases the burden

In the process of barbecue, vitamins are destroyed, proteins are denatured, amino acids are also destroyed, affecting the intake of three nutrients. At the same time, the metabolites of protein such as amines, indoles, etc. are excreted by the kidney, and excessive consumption will increase the burden on the kidney.

Lead to multiple occurrence

When barbecue meat at high temperature, it will produce a strong carcinogen - benzopyrene, which will accumulate in the body when often eaten, and can induce gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and other malignant tumors. At the same time, in order to make the meat taste, before the barbecue, the meat should be

Marinating can make the color of meat products redder and fresher, prevent meat products from rotting, and add a special flavor to barbecue. If marinating time is too long, another carcinogen - nitrous oxide will be produced Amines, which are highly toxic, can cause long-term consumption in small quantities. If the human body ingests too much, it will oxidize the iron atoms in the human hemoglobin, reduce the delivery of oxygen, and cause the human body to die of hypoxia.

When it comes to summer, we must remember that barbecue is very harmful to our health. We must eat less. If we want to eat, we'd better bake by ourselves, especially for the children at home. Barbecue is more harmful to children.