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Cycling can exercise. There are four advantages of cycling regularly

In some common sports, cycling is also an optional way of sports for body protection and leisure and entertainment. For those who like cycling to exercise, regular cycling is also good for the body. What are the benefits of regular cycling?

1. Can exercise the brain

It is necessary to keep the brain awake when cycling. In the process of constantly examining the road conditions, the brain is in an excited state, which virtually enhances the brain's response ability and strengthens brain thinking exercise, which can prevent Alzheimer's disease and delay brain thinking decline.

2. Movable limbs

When cycling, hold the handlebar with both hands, brake with ten fingers, relax sometimes, and move the handlebar when turning from left to right sometimes, which helps the blood circulation of the nerve at the end of both arms and fingers. It can also enhance the activities of both shoulders and cervical vertebrae, and prevent and Treat Periarthritis of shoulder. When cycling, you can push your legs and rub the soles of your feet with the pedals of your bike to stimulate the acupoints on the soles of your feet. At the same time, the movement of ankle bones and joints can enhance the blood circulation of the lower limbs, and has the effect of strengthening the body and bones, relaxing the muscles and activating the collaterals.

3. Adjustable mood

You can relax yourself by cycling. In case of new anecdotes, you can park and watch; in case of old friends, you can chat with each other and get rid of depression; in case of riding in the wild, you can breathe the fresh air of nature and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature; in the sun, you can help the human body to supplement the vitamins brought by ultraviolet rays, prevent osteoporosis in the elderly and delay aging.

4. Can protect vision

Cycling, eyes not only look at the front, but also often around. The rotation frequency of eyeball is several times higher than usual. The continuous rotation of the eyeball is conducive to the microcirculation of the capillaries around the eyes, and has a good effect on the protection of vision.

As mentioned above, for people who often ride bicycles, there are four advantages of cycling, i.e. moving limbs, exercising brain, regulating mood and protecting eyesight. If you want to make your body more and more healthy, you can choose cycling when you exercise at ordinary times.