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How to deal with bad sleep

In life, if people want to work and study efficiently, they need to have enough sleep, and the length of sleep is also different from person to person without any clear requirements, but in real life, there are many people suffering, so what should we do?

Adults generally maintain about six hours of sleep time is enough, and teenagers, due to the needs of growth and development, sleep time should be a little more than adults. If you still feel tired after 6 hours of sleep, you can extend your sleep time appropriately. But also consider the external factors that affect sleep quality, such as whether the sleep environment is quiet, dreamy and so on. Some people who sleep for 10 hours or even 12 hours still feel sleepless. This kind of person may need treatment.

"Early to bed and early to rise" is not scientific in fact. We should adjust the time according to the rhythm of nature, which is simply to adjust with the rise and fall of the sun. In spring, everything recovers and Yang begins to grow. Even if you feel sleepy, you should get up early. We can go to bed later in summer, but we must get up early in the morning. Go to bed early in autumn, but get up early in the morning. In winter, we should go to bed early and get up late, especially for the elderly. In winter, the natural Yang is weak, so unless you have a strong constitution, you are not recommended to get up early and do outdoor sports.

What to do if it's not good? There's a magic way to help sleep in traditional Chinese medicine:

Acupoint sleep aid

One of the simplest acupoint hypnosis methods is to massage Yongquan acupoint, which is often referred to as rubbing the sole of the foot. The method is very simple: rub the palms of the hands to each other, until the hands are hot, then rub the left foot heart with our right hand (in the middle of the first third of the foot base), and rub the right foot heart with our left hand until you feel hot.

Sleeping with medicine pillow

When choosing the pillow, it's best to consult with a professional doctor and choose the pillow that suits you. Generally, soft and refreshing pillows should be selected, such as those made of chrysanthemum, silkworm sand and bamboo leaves. If it is a medicine with hard texture, it can be made into medicine pillow by grinding into powder and other processing methods to change its texture.

Sleep aid

Can eat some peace of mind food, such as lilies, lotus seeds and so on. Here to recommend a medicinal diet "sour jujube kernel porridge.". The method is very simple: take 30-50g fried jujube kernels and boil them in water for 15 minutes, filter them out and use the filtered water to cook porridge. However, this kind of porridge may stimulate the digestive tract to some extent. People with poor digestive function should be careful.

In fact, the bad situation is related to many reasons. Generally speaking, people can choose traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to help sleep in coping strategies. The three methods mentioned in this article, medicine pillow and acupoint, are the common ways of TCM to help sleep.