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How to prevent identity theft in daily life

Wei, an employee of the bank, worked with others to apply for credit cards with identity documents of more than 100 people, and the cash paid by swiping the cards amounted to more than 12.84 million yuan. At the same time, four individual businesses are also suspected of crimes because they participate in cash out without any physical transaction. On April 8, Wei, Li, Lu, Gao, Wu and Wang were respectively suspected of the crime of credit card fraud, contract fraud, forgery, alteration, sale of official documents, certificates and seals of state organs, and the crime of illegal business operation was tried in Lanzhou intermediate court. In the trial, the defendant basically acknowledges the facts of the crime charged, and the case will be sentenced at a certain time. This is really terrible. Once your identity is embezzled and a credit card is opened, your credit and property will be completely destroyed. So, how do we protect our identity from being embezzled by these bad people in daily life?

Tip 1: protect your PC. Set complex login password to prevent hacker intrusion. In fact, the most effective way is to form a good habit of using computers. Install anti-virus software and upgrade in time to prevent malicious intrusion into your computer. It's better to install a firewall, which can block viruses from accessing the network and prevent computers from being manipulated.

Tip 2: protect your personal information. Protect your personal belongings. 14% of identity theft is caused by the theft of wallet, check and credit card. If something involving secrets is lost, you must report it immediately or deal with it accordingly. Process old files with personal information. For old documents containing your personal information (such as bank statements), do not throw them into the wastebasket at will. It is recommended to use a paper shredder to process these old documents.

Tip 3: don't reply to emails or phone calls that ask for your account information, or IM chat messages. Phishing will induce you to disclose your personal account information through email and chat. When browsing the website, we must see clearly what the address of the address column is displayed after the website is opened, whether it is the website we want to visit, and the websites like Taobao, Alipay and so on. We should remember their website. A fraudster may impersonate a company's customer service and call for a customer return visit to obtain your personal information. For calls that require sensitive user information, please take extra care. It is better to hang up and call the number on the company's website for verification. Don't tell others the password in a daze. Please do not disclose your personal account information to the other party in the process of online chat (including negotiation and transaction). Besides, you don't know whether you are chatting with someone else, or whether there are hackers monitoring the network and hijacking data packets during the chat.

In normal times, we must protect our privacy, protect our identity information, and never be taken for profit by others. In the end, it will be ourselves who will suffer. In addition, we should not do things that are injurious to nature, otherwise, tianwanghui will be sparse and not leak.