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Looking down at the astonishing harm of cell phone hitting Bentley and bowing head clan

April 11 news, now online shopping has become an indispensable part of people's daily life, online shopping goods can reach everyone's hands smoothly, the courier brother has made great contributions. With the growing group of express boys, they often become the focus of the society, such as the "no frictions and limited electricity" in Shenzhen, the express frenzy of the double 11 every year Of course, from time to time, we will also see the news that express brother caused trouble, such as the following one. According to Weibo blogger @ 987 Chaoyi, Miss Wang, a car friend, revealed that at more than two o'clock in the afternoon, at the north gate of Fuda on Yangqiao Road (Fuzhou), a tricycle for express delivery ran after a Bentley. Miss Wang said that the delivery brother seemed to look down at his mobile phone and then hit it. It's said that the express boy was dizzy on the spot.

According to the photos exposed by netizens, a blue electric tricycle "sticks" to Bentley's buttocks, and Bentley seems to have been parked in the non motorized lane for a long time. However, we have not yet learned the latest progress of this matter through netizens' disclosure. It's really frightening information. It's just a car crash. What if it hits someone? If the car breaks down, it can be repaired. But if people die, will they have a chance to come back? So the harm of looking down at mobile phones is really great. Let's look at the harm of looking down on mobile phones.

Head down, wrinkles and flesh

Take a look at this. According to a recent survey, 65% of people have double chins because they often bow their heads, which is said to be like sitting for a long time. According to the research, when we bow our heads, the pressure on our necks is three times as usual, and the muscles of our necks grow vertically. Once the collagen is compressed and broken, and the neck lines grow, it's like the folded white paper can't go back. The mountain building movement of bow extrusion makes the fat spill over the lower jaw, and the double chin will be shaped over time, and wrinkles will easily occur.

Lowering the head can relax the neck 5 years earlier

Did you know that chin to neck is really the first level disaster area of "bow head clan". The neck skin itself is in the process of resisting gravity. Due to the effect of gravity, the skin appears loose and drooping. On this basis, it is no doubt that the action of "bow head" is often kept, which is the external pressure exerted, which may deepen the wrinkles in the neck. Under normal circumstances, some skin problems in the neck will not appear until the age of 35, resulting in atrophy of connective tissue, in which the most important collagen is reduced, the epidermal cells are naturally aging and become inactive. However, the wrong posture of the "bow headed" may bring this time to 30 years old, or even earlier. The bow headed people are popular

Once upon a time, the ancients bowed their heads to think about their hometown. Nowadays, young men and women bowed their heads in addition to occasionally installing their deep heads. What's more, they brush microblogs, play games and watch videos on mobile screens. This seems to be the common feature of young people all over the world. In one step, the forefathers of Taiwan invented a new term, called "bow head clan", which is used to describe these times, no matter in the car or in the office Young people who are watching iPhones or iPads all the time.

Damage to cervical vertebra due to visual impairment

What harm will the bow headed people suffer? Using mobile phones, computers, etc. on mobile objects such as cars is not good for the eyes. When you look at the screen in an unstable state, it is more likely to cause eye dryness and fatigue, thus affecting vision and causing vision loss. In addition, due to the small size of the mobile phone, people often hold the mobile phone in hand, rigid in a posture, and often lower their head, and focus on the virtual world for half a day without activity, which will naturally cause shoulder and neck muscle tension and strain, while light will make people suffer from shoulder pain and neck acid, while people who have potential neck and neck problems are easy to induce disease.

Bow head people quickly look up, do more aerobic activities, do not make fun of their own and other people's lives, the harm of their own bow head playing with mobile phones is really great, causing irreparable damage to your health, do not do it again!