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Physical health care teaches you six ways to regulate your physical fitness

As we all know, people's body constitution is divided into many kinds, and different constitution, when choosing the health preserving method, we can adopt different methods to regulate. Therefore, in order to help everyone better according to their own constitution, this article will introduce six methods of regulating constitution in traditional Chinese medicine for you.

1、 Qi Depression constitution

Melancholy, melancholy and fragile Qi Yu constitution, generally thin, often depressed, sigh for no reason, easy to panic.

Way of recuperation: eat more wheat, onion, garlic, kelp, seaweed, radish, kumquat, hawthorn and other foods that can move Qi, relieve depression, eliminate food and wake up the spirit. Avoid refreshing drinks such as tea and coffee before going to bed. You can take Xiaoyao Powder, Shugan Hewei Pill, Kaixiong SHUNQI pill, Chaihu Shugan powder and Yueju pill.

2、 Damp heat constitution

The face and nose tip are always shiny with oil, and are prone to acne and furuncle. You can smell peculiar smell when you open your mouth, which belongs to damp and hot constitution. This kind of person is also easy to have sticky stools and yellow urine.

Way of recuperation: eat light food, such as mung bean, cabbage, amaranth, celery, cucumber, winter melon, lotus root, watermelon, etc. Eat less hot food. Quit smoking and drinking. Don't stay up late and overwork. Suitable for middle and long distance running, mountain climbing, all kinds of ball games, martial arts and other sports. You can take Liuyi powder, Qingwei powder and Ganlu disinfectant pill every day.

3、 Peaceful constitution

"Good health, good taste", coupled with good, cheerful personality, strong social and natural adaptability, a typical peaceful constitution. People of this constitution don't like getting sick.

Way of recuperation: don't eat too much, or too hungry, or too cold or too hot. Eat more grains, vegetables, fruits and fruits, and less greasy and spicy food. In sports, young people can choose to run and play basketball, while old people can take a proper walk and play taijiquan. 4、 Yin deficiency constitution

If you are afraid of heat, you often feel hot hands and feet, flushed cheeks or reddish cheeks, dry skin, dry mouth and dry tongue, easy, and often dry stool, that is Yin deficiency constitution.

Way of recuperation: eat more sweet, cool and moist food, such as mungbean, winter melon, sesame, lily, etc. Less warm and dry food. Keep a certain lunch break at noon. Avoid staying up late, strenuous exercise, exercise to control the amount of sweat, timely supplement water. Take Liuwei Dihuang pill and Qiju Dihuang pill as appropriate.

5、 Yang deficiency constitution

Always cold hands and feet, afraid to eat cold things. He is quiet and introverted. These are Yang deficiency constitution.

Way of recuperation: eat more sweet and warm food, such as onion, ginger, garlic, pepper, leek, pepper, pepper, etc. Eat less cold food such as cucumber, lotus root, pear, watermelon and so on. Massage Qihai, Zusanli, Yongquan and other acupoints, or often moxibustion Zusanli, Guanyuan. Can take Jinkui Shenqi Pill.

6、 Constitution

Speaking without energy, often sweating, easy to breathe short, often tired, this is the constitution. This kind of person is easy to catch a cold, the disease resistance ability is weak and difficult to cure after being sick, still easy to suffer from splanchnic ptosis such as gastroptosis.

Way of recuperation: eat more foods that can nourish Qi and spleen, such as soybeans, lentils, mushrooms, dates, longan, etc. It mainly includes gentle exercise, walking, Taijiquan, etc. it can massage Zusanli point at ordinary times. Often from perspiration, cold can take Yupingfeng Powder prevention.

Physical health preservation is one of the most effective health preservation methods among all kinds of health preservation methods at present. When adopting the physical method, we should first identify the type of physical fitness we belong to from the daily performance, and then carry out the corresponding recuperation work in combination with the traditional Chinese medicine recuperation method recommended in the article.