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The harm of not sleeping enough

Long term sleep less than 6 hours is equal to chronic suicide research team has done a related grouping experiment: they divided 164 volunteers into three groups for isolation, on the one hand, let each group of volunteers sleep "less than 5 hours", "5-6 hours" and "more than 7 hours" every day respectively; on the other hand, carry out the same degree of influenza virus transmission to the three groups at the same time, so as to divide To analyze the relationship between sleep time and human immune status.

The results showed that the group with less than 5 hours of sleep had the highest risk of influenza infection, 4.5 times as much as the group with more than 7 hours of sleep, and 4.2 times as much as the group with 5-6 hours of sleep.

It can be seen that the lack of sleep will lead to the decline of human immunity, which is easy to infect diseases and harmful to human health.

In addition, the University of Pennsylvania in the United States has done a similar experiment.

In this experiment, 48 healthy adults aged 21-38 were divided into four groups according to the amount of sleep time, and they were tested in mental tests such as regular answers for three consecutive days.

The results showed that the group who didn't sleep for three days and three nights was the worst compared with the group who had enough sleep. The group of volunteers also said that the lack of continuous sleep led to their trance and unable to think accurately.

To this end, Japanese netizens have left messages complaining: "enterprises that always let employees work overtime are killing people"; "I also want to sleep, but work is not allowed"; "please give us a normal sleep time" and so on.

Call on the Japanese government to face up to work intensity, working hours and other issues, so as to provide a good environment for the health of workers.

Conclusion: it can be seen that adequate sleep is good for our health, and vice versa.