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It's important to know how to protect skin after exercise

It's important to know how to protect skin after exercise

Did you find out? People who exercise regularly always look younger than their peers, because exercise speeds up metabolism, helps maintain a good body shape and coordinates the healthy operation of various organs of the body.

Therefore, it is necessary to master some skin care tips after exercise if you want to keep your "young" advantage longer and ahead.

Gently clean with weak acid detergent

Exercise is always accompanied by a large number of perspiration. The sweat of human body is composed of inorganic and organic components. The former contains a variety of acidic and alkaline substances. Excessive accumulation on the skin for a long time will damage the skin tissue cells.

The other organic ingredients are the paradise of microorganisms. The body odor after sweating is caused by them. A lot of perspiration will also make the sebaceous membrane unbalanced, making the skin more vulnerable and sensitive. Therefore, it is very important for skin care to wash with the right products after exercise.

You should

The weak acid cleanser is the closest to the pH value of the skin itself and can clean the skin more gently. Such products should be selected for both the face and the body. In addition, the common soap belongs to strong alkali, especially for the fragile skin after sweating.