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Michelle Yeoh's maintenance tips correct running and walking

Walking is an effective way to prevent chronic diseases. The proportion of adults over 18 years old who often take part in physical exercise is less than 12%. To prevent chronic diseases, we must increase the "moving" component. Walking is simple, safe and effective, which is very good for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. People who walk more than 14 kilometers a week have a 40 percent lower cardiovascular rate than people who walk less than 4 kilometers a week. People who walk more than 10000 steps every day are very good in body shape and constitution. Even if they get chronic disease, some symptoms of chronic disease will be alleviated or even disappear through exercise.

How can I get there?

For walking and fitness, it's better to walk about 3.5-4 kilometers an hour. There are two other speeds for reference. When people are shopping, the speed is about 2-3 kilometers an hour, while the speed of walking to a certain place is about 1 hour and 3.5 kilometers. Walking for an hour or so can almost achieve the effect of panting and sweating. Panting can make the lungs exhaust more thoroughly, which is beneficial to increase the vital capacity.

Running can fight depression

The best way to get rid of depression in time is to run. From the medical point of view, if the endorphin in the human body is reduced, it will make people have painful experience, lack of pleasure, and produce depression. Exercise can promote the secretion of endorphin, the latter has the effect of analgesia and relaxation of nerves; exercise can also promote the secretion of serotonin and adrenaline, which can reduce depression, mental retardation and depression.

In addition, when running, people's bodies will get new feelings, which will make people ignore the discomfort caused by depression. Psychologists suggest that before running, it's better to walk first, then run slowly. When you run, you don't need to pursue speed, but you can't move. You can stop for a walk, wait for your breath to flow smoothly, and then run.

How to run? Heart rate 130 best

An hour of jogging a week can extend your life by about six years, more than any extreme sport. Are you ready to go?

There is a golden standard in running. The German met and said, "have you practiced 130 today? 130 here refers to the target heart rate.". When jogging, the blood circulation accelerates and the heart rate reaches about 130, which is the best exercise for the heart. "The body is slightly sweaty, speaking slightly thick, and the next day is full of energy," which is a suitable exercise intensity.