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Your best foreplay will make her want to die

Your best foreplay will make her want to die in the process of sexual love. Women need to have enough foreplay life to tease and arouse her sexual desire to have a super perfect sexual experience. What should foreplay life do?

Start with your hands

1. Before sex, gently hold her hand and kiss the back of her fingers. A familiar master of nail painting told me secretly that in fact, fingers are the most neglected sexy band for women.

2. Turn her hand over, palm up. As for you, keep your mouth closed, and use your lips to stamp gently on the thickest and softest part of her palm. Slowly press and move toward her wrist until your lips feel the pulse on his wrist. Time required for this stage: 1 minute. Foreplay

Step 2: the lightest kiss

1. Start with her lower lip. Similarly, close your lips gently and hold her lower lip between your lips. Be gentle enough that she hardly feels you.

2. In the same way, use your lips to touch her upper lip, neck, earlobe and eyelid in order. Remember to open your eyes and close your lips. Don't rush your tongue out and lick it.

3. When you kiss her so gently, don't let your hands idle. Touch her arms and shoulders with your fingertips. Time required for this stage: 3 minutes

Last step: observe and make sure she's got a lot of fun

1. Papilla stiffness;

2. Shortness and heaviness of breath;

3. Clitoris protuberance. If the above reactions are obvious, give her a French kiss, slowly enter her body, stop for a few seconds, and then start your best pumping to make her want to die.