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be careful! You can't eat the food with this taste. Watch out for the four tastes

Four kinds of sour taste of bad food

Foods rich in carbohydrates, such as grains, sugars and their products, will produce sour or sour taste with their own characteristics when they go bad. Carbohydrates break down to produce monosaccharides, disaccharides, organic acids, alcohols, aldehydes, so they can produce acid or alcohol. Rice rancid, cake sour, fruit rotten belong to this kind of deterioration phenomenon.

Mouldy taste

Food contaminated by mould, such as grain, peanut, bread, cake, rice and steamed bread, often goes moldy in warm and humid environment. Molds can produce toxins, such as the familiar aflatoxin.


Food with more grease has been put for a long time, such as dry salted products such as oil, pastry, fish and meat, walnuts, peanuts, melon seeds, etc., which will produce a bitter, hemp and pungent smell. The common people are commonly known as "Hala flavor". This is because the oil is easy to be oxidized and rancidity occurs, which leads to the generation of harrass.

Putrid smell

Fish, pork, eggs, tofu, dried tofu and other protein rich foods are putrefactive and will produce putrefaction. Under the action of microorganism and enzyme, protein will be decomposed into organic amines, sulfides, stinks, aldehydes and other substances, with a foul smell. Can bad food be eaten when boiled? If the food is not preserved properly, it will go bad. Many people think that the bad food can be eaten after boiling, which is not right.

The toxins secreted by bacteria before entering the human body are very heat-resistant and not easy to be destroyed and decomposed. Therefore, it is unscientific to use heat and pressure to deal with spoiled food. Spoiled food must be poured out, and it must not be lost for small reasons.

Finally, we will learn about the dangers of spoiled food. The harm of spoiled food in these spoiled food, usually will produce some toxins secreted by bacteria, which will interfere with the metabolism of human body after entering the human body, and ultimately affect the normal function of human tissue. For example, in rotten fruits, putrescence toxin produced will paralyze nerves and affect the normal function of kidneys, which will lead to premature aging.

What's more terrible is that some moldy food will produce some carcinogenic toxins, such as aflatoxin, heterochromatic aflatoxin, patulin, red penicillin, b-fumonisin, Herceptin, etc.

For the sake of our health, we must not eat spoiled food. Don't lose too much for a small reason.