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There are taboos in eating bamboo shoots. These four kinds of people should not eat more bamboo shoo

Four kinds of people should not eat more gastrointestinal diseases and liver cirrhosis patients

Patients with gastrointestinal diseases and cirrhosis who eat more asparagus are prone to stomach bleeding, liver disease aggravation and other adverse consequences.

Urinary calculi

Asparagus contains oxalic acid. Oxalic acid can easily form calcium oxalate with calcium. Calcium oxalate is easy to deposit, so people with urinary calculi should not eat more asparagus.


Oxalic acid will affect the absorption and utilization of calcium and zinc in the human body. Eating more asparagus in children will not only hurt their stomach, but also affect their growth and development due to lack of zinc and calcium.

Allergic person

It is easy to be allergic in spring. For people who are prone to ingestive allergy, eating asparagus is also easy to cause urticaria. In order to prevent allergy, a small amount of asparagus should be tasted first. Precautions for eating spring bamboo shoots

It's best to blanch the bamboo shoots in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes, or even longer, so as to soften the crude fiber and help digestion. This can not only remove the astringency of spring bamboo shoots, taste more refreshing, but also let 70% oxalic acid loss.

2. Five or six pieces at a time

According to traditional Chinese medicine, asparagus is sweet and cold, which belongs to hair. Hair is rich in nutrition, or irritant, especially easy to induce some diseases (especially recurrence of old diseases) or aggravate the food of the disease. Therefore, when you eat, you must control the amount. You can't eat every day, let alone eat immediately. Pay attention to the control quantity. Only take five or six tablets at a time.

3. Don't eat with cold or raw food

Do not eat the bamboo shoots on an empty stomach. Before eating, you can have soup, soup or rice to reduce the stimulation of the bamboo shoots on the gastrointestinal mucosa. After eating the bamboo shoots, try not to eat raw and cold food, such as ice cream, ice beer and raw seafood. Asparagus is difficult to digest, raw and cold food is not easy to digest. When the two are added together, the intestine is double stimulated, which accelerates gastrointestinal dysfunction and easily induces gastrointestinal discomfort.