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Seven ways to eat Hawthorn like this

Hawthorn such seven ways to eat hawthorn hawthorn as a sweet and sour delicious snack, deeply loved by many people, Xiaobian here to introduce several ways to eat hawthorn.

1. Hawthorn soup

500g hawthorn and 100g white sugar. Wash the hawthorn with water, remove the roots and seeds, and boil them with water. Put the Hawthorn into white sugar and drink the soup.

2. Hawthorn tea

500g hawthorn, 200g dried lotus leaf, 200g coix seed and 100g licorice. The above several flavors are divided into 10 packages. Take a package of boiling water for brewing every day, replace the tea, and dilute the tea.

3. Hawthorn silver chrysanthemum drink

Hawthorn, silver flower, chrysanthemum each 10 grams. The Hawthorn will be crushed, together with silver flowers, chrysanthemum into a cup instead of tea, for a daily amount.

4. Hawthorn orange peel drink

Raw hawthorn, orange peel, lotus leaf 20 grams each, raw coix seed 10 grams. Grind all the above ingredients into a fine powder, put them into a warm water bottle and brew them with boiling water. Drink them out in a day. Effective in March.

5. Hawthorn and melon skin drink

Hawthorn 20g, wax gourd 30g, Shouwu, huaishujiao 10g each. Put the above taste into the pot and fry for 20 minutes, then drink with the filtrate.

6. Body building and fat eliminating tea

Hawthorn 20g, Alisma, radish seed, malt, tea, agastache, red soybean, Smilax, cassia, tangerine peel, liushenqu, Prunella vulgaris 7g each. Put the above taste into the casserole and add water to boil, filter the juice and drink it for one day.

7. Double root tea

Tea root, hawthorn and reed root are 15g each. Boil all the above flavors together for 20 minutes, and drink with filtered juice.