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Popular knowledge about women's hair

The hair and pubic hair of a woman is the surface part of the female external genitalia, which is located in front of the pubic symphysis. After puberty, the subcutaneous fat is becoming fuller and fuller, and the pubic hair grows. The distribution of the pubic hair is basically an inverted triangle, covering the labia major downward, and converging in the front of the anus. The pubic hair of some women is distributed in a long strip.

However, the curl degree, number, density, thickness and color of pubic hair may vary from individual to race, and have no direct relationship with development.

The development of female breasts can be as early as 8 years old, with an average of 10-11 years old. Most of them begin to rise before the age of 13. Before the maturity of the breasts, the pubic hair develops and begins to appear. The angle between the pubic hair and the skin surface is no more than 30 degrees, covering downward and toward the midline. From the pubic mound and the great labia, it is inverted triangle downward, and the upper edge is horizontal.

The number, distribution and color of pubic hair vary from person to person and can vary greatly. Female pubic hair, also can be downward from the pubic mound, and the pubic hair on the labia Magna presents strip shape together.

When the breasts are mature, they stand tall and straight in front of the chest; the pubic hair grows out, the pubic mound is fat, the pelvis is wide and flat, the buttocks are fat, the muscles and fat are smooth and distributed, the body shape of the curvy and healthy women is formed, and the puberty of women is completed.

Therefore, by the age of 18, the secondary sexual signs of women are all mature, that is to say, by the age of 18, the sexual organs and functions of girls are all mature and have fertility.