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How long is the best time for office workers to take a nap? Schedule of healthy siesta for office wo

The schedule of healthy siesta for office workers, also known as siesta, mid-term sleep, daytime sleep, etc., refers to the short-term sleep or rest time in the noon and afternoon. How long is the best time for office workers to take a nap?

1. 10-20 seconds

If you feel tired, dry eyes, a little sleepy, no time to take a nap, you can try to close your eyes and rest for 10-20 seconds, which can recharge your body and is good for your health.

2. 2-5 minutes

If you feel restless, the brain response becomes sluggish, and you are prone to stupor. You'd better close your eyes and rest for a few minutes, which can relax the whole body, calm down, stimulate inspiration and improve work efficiency. A few minutes' lunch break can sometimes have an amazing effect on eliminating fatigue.

3. 5-20 minutes

If you feel weak all over and have a heavy head, you can take a nap for a while, which is conducive to improving short-term memory, sharpness, endurance, learning and hands-on ability, and helping to recover your spirit. 5-20 minutes of nap can play a health care effect.

4. 20-30 minutes

If you have a bad memory for a long time, or you feel that you can't open your eyes and your brain has started to sleep, you'd better choose this level of nap.

Taking a nap for 20-30 minutes can also maintain the liver, promote digestion, clear useless information in the brain, and strengthen long-term memory.

5. 40-90 minutes

If the nap time is more than 30 minutes, the body will enter the deep sleep period, which is adverse to health. If you wake up in about 45 minutes, you will not complete the whole sleep cycle, causing headaches and other discomfort symptoms. If more than 30 minutes, it is recommended to extend the nap time to 1-1.5 hours to complete the whole sleep cycle.

What should office workers pay attention to in their siesta?

1. It is not advisable to go to bed immediately after lunch. It is better to sleep at an interval of about 20 minutes.

2. If you use your hand as a pillow, the eyeball will be compressed, which will easily lead to eye disease over time. Lying on the table will compress your chest, affect blood circulation and nerve conduction, and make your arms and hands numb and tingle.

3. 15-30 minutes is the most appropriate time for siesta, 30-60 minutes for siesta, and no more than 1 hour at most. Time is too short for rest. For a long time, you will feel slight headache and general weakness after waking up, and it is not easy to wake up.

4. Those who have the conditions to rest at noon should try their best to get 30 minutes or longer nap time, especially in summer.

5. If you can't fall asleep for a while, close your eyes and focus on breathing. Slowing down the breathing rhythm can help you fall asleep as soon as possible.

6. It's better not to lie on the table, or the nerves and blood vessels will be compressed after a long time. It's better to find a place where you can lie on your back, lying on your back or on your side. It's better to lie on your right side with your head high and feet low.

7. When the weather is hot, you should also cover your abdomen with a little towel quilt or quilt to prevent the cool air from entering.

8. Do not take a nap in the corridor, under the shade of trees, on the grass, on the concrete floor, or in the wind or air. Because the central function of thermoregulation is decreased during sleep, the light ones will not feel well after waking up, and the heavy ones will get cold and sick.

9. Napping is not everyone's need, as long as the body is good, enough sleep at night, not napping generally will not affect physical health, but for mental workers, students in primary and secondary schools, people who are more sick or the elderly, napping is very necessary.

10. Office white-collar workers had better be able to sleep in bed or on the sofa. If conditions do not allow, you can prepare a travel inflatable neck pillow, which is put around your neck during the nap, and then find a chair with a back. You can enjoy the nap by sitting relaxed.

11. In general, people will feel a little trance when they wake up in the afternoon. Don't rush to work at this time, especially for complicated or dangerous work. It's better to drink a glass of water first, and then put into work after waking up.