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What does woman kidney empty eat? Women's kidney deficiency diet

What does woman kidney empty eat? Women's kidney deficiency diet

Women's kidney deficiency is very easy to age. Do you know what to do with women's kidney deficiency? Do you know how women can tonify their kidneys and maintain their appearance? Today's editor will recommend some tonifying methods to help people tonify their kidneys and keep them young forever!

Women often eat these two kinds of kidney deficiency

1. Yam: it has the effect of nourishing kidney and essence. Chinese yam contains many kinds of nutrition elements. It has the function of strengthening the body, tonifying the kidney and nourishing the kidney. All women with leucorrhea, frequent urination and other symptoms, can take.

2. Chestnut: it has the effect of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening the waist. Eating 2 chestnuts in the morning and in the evening can help to treat the symptoms of kidney deficiency and frequent urination in the elderly. It is suggested that 10 chestnuts, pig kidney, job's tears and rice should be cooked together to make porridge, which is also effective for the treatment of waist and leg weakness caused by general kidney deficiency.

What food does the woman eat with kidney deficiency

1. Zimi kidney nourishing porridge

Ingredients: mulberry, purple rice, black rice, brown rice, blueberry sauce.

Method: ① wash the mulberry and soak it in saltwater for 30 minutes, then dry it.

② Put the purple rice, black rice and brown rice into the pot and cook into porridge, then add the mulberry and cook for 10 minutes to get out of the pot.

③ Season with blueberry sauce.

Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and kidney, invigorating spleen, warming liver, brightening eyes and activating blood circulation.

2. Black bean rice paste

Raw materials: 50g black beans, 30g black rice, appropriate amount of wolfberry.

Method: ① wash the black beans and rice and soak them overnight in advance.

② Use the soymilk machine to stir up the black beans and black rice. The black liquid soaked in the black beans and black rice is also poured into the soymilk machine.

③ Add water, put in the washed medlar while it is hot, then it can be eaten.

Efficacy: Nourishing Yin and kidney, invigorating spleen and stomach, promoting eyesight and blood circulation, nourishing yin and Qi.

Do not eat tonic kidney

1. Raw and cold greasy food: such as cold drink, sashimi, raw cucumber, watermelon, melon and fried food.

2. Spicy food: such as onion, garlic, pepper, fennel, pepper.