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Are you healthy? It's healthy to meet these ten points

Are you healthy? How to accurately describe the health of human body? Some Japanese scholars have put forward the "four fast" of health conditions. The so-called "four fast", that is, fast eating, fast going, fast sleeping and fast speaking. That is to say, a person with good appetite, good digestion, quick thinking, strong reaction ability and good nervous system function can basically reflect that his body is healthy.

In addition, the World Health Organization has set ten guidelines to measure a person's health:

First of all, I have abundant energy, can take charge of daily life and heavy work unhurriedly, and don't feel too nervous and tired.

Second, be optimistic, have a positive attitude, be willing to take responsibility, no matter how big or small, not picky.

Third, good at rest and sleep.

Fourth, the ability to adapt to changes in the external environment.

Fifth, it can resist the common cold and infectious diseases.

Sixth, the weight is appropriate, the body is well proportioned, when standing, the head, shoulders and arms are in harmony.

Seventh, the eyes are bright, responsive, and the eyelids are not easily inflamed.

Eighth, the teeth are clean, without caries or pain, and the gums are free of bleeding.

Ninth, the hair is shiny.

Tenth, the muscles are full and the skin is elastic.