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How to distinguish breast pain from breast pain

How to distinguish breast pain from breast pain? Breast pain is sometimes a physiological phenomenon, but sometimes it can also be a disease signal. So how can we distinguish between physiological breast pain and pathological breast pain to eliminate the danger?

Have you ever felt pain in your breasts? Here are some possible danger signals to help you eliminate.

1. If you feel pain in your breast for a few days in the week before your period

It may be that breast fibrocyst is acting strangely, which is a harmless cyst. The fluctuation of female hormone accompanied by physiological period will increase the fluid of breast tissue, and the expansion of fibrous tissue will make your breasts uncomfortable.

Mitigation measures: avoid caffeine and nicotine before menstruation, both of which will increase the breast fiber tissue. If the doctor approves that you can take some vitamin E pills in those days, you can improve the pain symptoms.

2. If you feel soft tissue under your skin that seems to condense into a small piece, it's like the pain of being hit by a fist

It could be: hematoma caused by rupture of subcutaneous blood vessels, accidental injury, fall, or excessive caress by a partner.

Mitigation measures: if you haven't recovered in more than six weeks, go to see a doctor.

3. If you feel a small area of pain inside one breast

May be: breast fluid cyst.

Mitigation measures: for gynecological examination, if the doctor determines that the breast tissue is not cancerous after the section examination, it will help you to draw out the excessive fluid in the breast.