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In the spring, when you're growing up, you can grow up

Multi vitamin C Supplement

Vitamin C can make the brain more flexible to stimulation, improve the sensitivity of brain nerves, and improve the immunity and disease resistance of children. In addition to taking vitamin C tablets directly, you can also eat more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C, such as tomatoes, radishes, oranges, apples, dates, etc.

Natural sugar food can be eaten more

The child's metabolism function is exuberant, the corresponding heat and nutrient consumption will increase. Therefore, parents can supplement their children with calories and nutrients by adding meals. Add food options raisins, preserved fruits, peanuts, sweet potatoes, chestnuts, honey water and other foods containing natural sugar.

Calcium supply should be sufficient

The growth of children is mainly the result of bone development. The best way to supplement calcium is food supplement. The foods rich in calcium include sesame, broccoli, radish, carrot, kelp, mustard, snail, shrimp skin, etc. It should be noted that children should not eat more sugar, chocolate, pastry, because it contains more phosphate, which will hinder the metabolism of calcium in the body.

Vegetable fat food is often eaten

Fat can not only nourish the whole body, but also be metabolized into structural substances of the brain to expand brain capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to provide sufficient vegetable fat for children. Eat small foods rich in plant fat, such as pine nuts, peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

Sport is a long booster

Sports is another important factor to promote children's growth. In Japan, primary and secondary school students are encouraged to go to school for sports on weekends, so that they can get a reward card. Attracted by this policy, 60% of Japanese primary and secondary school students choose to go to school on weekends, while the proportion in China is very low. The growth of epiphyseal cartilage at both ends of the long bone is the reason for the long height. The growth of epiphyseal cartilage, on the one hand, depends on the body to absorb sufficient nutrients, including inorganic salts, calcium, phosphorus, etc.; on the other hand, depends on the body's endocrine hormones, including growth hormone, prolactin, luteinizing hormone and the regulation of sex hormone. In this way, the epiphyseal cartilage grows continuously, and people grow taller.

A study by the World Health Organization shows that the growth rate of children in March to May is twice that in autumn and winter, so spring is the best time to grow up in a year. In spring, the UV content of outdoor sunshine is the highest in all seasons. At this time, more outdoor activities can stimulate bone marrow hyperplasia, which is conducive to growth. Generally speaking, the relaxed and lively, free stretching and open items, such as swimming, gymnastics, rope skipping, badminton, table tennis, horizontal bar and ball games, are more conducive to increase, while those weight-bearing, contraction or compression sports, such as weightlifting, dumbbell lifting, thruster, wrestling, long-distance running, etc., are not conducive to the growth of height.

Sleep well to grow tall

In addition, more than half of children's growth hormone is secreted when they sleep at night, especially a peak of secretion can appear around 10 p.m. If children's sleep is affected by various reasons, it will directly affect the secretion of growth hormone, so children should be arranged to fall asleep before 10 p.m. In addition, mental depression can also inhibit the secretion of growth hormone, help children relieve pressure, and create a peaceful and happy environment for children is also very important.