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Autumn is coming, and the fashion windbreaker, which has been unbeaten for thousands of years, is go

The temperature gradually drops in autumn, but the fashionable girls' paper can't go out in order to keep warm. They want to be fashionable and don't care about the feeling of their body. At this time, the most suitable one is the windbreaker. The windbreaker is both wind resistant and warm, and it has been in an invincible place in the fashion field for so many years. If it's too difficult to shape in autumn, let's have an elegant windbreaker~

What is the general feeling of windbreaker? Simple and handsome or elegant. A basic windbreaker can satisfy you, simple collocation can be very simple!

The handsome high street short windbreaker makes you fashionable up! A short windbreaker can make you become a fashionable person. The classic and fashionable short design can improve the waistline, and the matching high waist leather pants also have longer legs and perfect body proportion.

The most popular very simple style loose style fashionable windbreaker is a very simple Khaki coat. The loose style looks very comfortable. The design of the over knee is more warm. The simple fabric without any pattern is very suitable for work.

The fashionable dark blue windbreaker gives you different feeling and is used to the windbreaker full of khaki color on the street. It's better to try a new color! Dark blue long windbreaker looks more stable, although less elegant khaki, but more fashionable!

The handsome army green windbreaker makes you more magnificent and double breasted army green windbreaker. It looks as handsome as the European and American military uniform. With a simple black handbag, don't be too handsome!

Fashion cloaks make you become a street trendsetter. In recent years, cloaks are also very popular. The classic windbreaker adds fashion cloaks. The effect is also amazing, no matter which angle is very attractive.

Simple and deep Khaki warm and fashionable windbreaker is also a necessary item in many star wardrobe! It's very fashionable to match with a solid color interior. Simple canvas shoes also take care of the comfort~

Classic black and white collocation is not wrong! Want to be more simple, pure black windbreaker is also a good choice, of course, the most secure or classic black and white to match ~ if you are a color master, you can also try to match with high saturation color, fashion will be stronger!

In autumn and winter, we should also shine in the crowd! Of course, I don't want to wear such a heavy color in autumn. Big red is very bright in the crowd, but it's also more selective. Of course, the white paper can be worn at will. The yellow or black paper should be dark red!