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Look at other people's Vest line and then look down at your swimming circle!

Eat! Eat every day! Let's see what your belly looks like. It's almost over this summer. Your little belly is still on the rise. Are you going to keep it for the new year? Watching other girls' bodies flirting with the gods, are you still quietly turning anger into food? Noono! Move quickly. You don't know how beautiful you will be when you lose weight. The little fat girl can resist the attack. The rest in August In the day, let you quickly lose the little belly!

Want a vest line? Let's try this

&Middot: the vertical retreat can exercise the abdominal muscles. First, lie on the floor, straighten your legs up, and cross your knees.

Then contract your abdomen and lift your shoulder blades off the ground, feeling like you're moving your chest toward your feet.

Keep both legs in a fixed position and imagine the feeling of the abdomen pressing against the spine.

Put down your legs, lift them up and do it again. It is recommended to do it 12-16 times.

Some daily actions can also help you lose weight

Riding a bicycle can also reduce your stomach. First lie flat on the floor with your legs bent up 45 degrees.

The legs extend forward alternately and then retract, which is like the movement of the feet when riding a bicycle.

Step forward and keep about 30-60 degrees from the ground.

Keep it for 5 minutes. This method can exercise the thigh and waist, that is to say, you can lose more fat in all three places.

Do more yoga to help you shape easily

There are many movements in yoga that can also thin the waist and abdomen. First, sit on the ground with your legs straight forward and your back straight.

Bend the left leg, place the left foot outside the right leg, and bend the right leg to the left and back.

Place your left hand on the floor behind your body and lock your right elbow to your left knee.

Exhale and turn your body to the left and back as much as possible to twist your spine to the limit.

It is said that people who read the next page will become beautiful~

The hero twist in yoga has a very good effect on reducing the belly. First stand up straight, take a big step to the right with your right leg, and move your toes forward. The two arms are extended to both sides of the body, and the two arms are kept parallel to the ground.

Then take a deep breath. While keeping the legs straight, rotate the right foot 90 degrees to the right and the left foot 62 degrees to the right.

Exhale, straighten your arms, extend the upper torso to the right side until it bends downward as far as possible, extend the left hand to the back, pull the right hand from the front of the right thigh to the back, and hold the left hand. With the body on the front side, looking diagonally up, stretch the side waist and twist the spine. Keep this posture for about 15 minutes.

Inhale, slowly return the hands, body and feet to the starting position, and exhale. Inhale again and repeat in the opposite direction.