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Will hormone face be allergic after makeup? Several taboos of using cosmetics!

Makeup has almost become a compulsory course for women, but it can't be made up at any time, and not all skin is suitable for makeup. Can you make up when suffering from hormone face? Will you be allergic after makeup?

The heart of beauty is normal, especially when there are flaws on the face. Many girls want to cover up their blemishes by means of make-up concealment and products, so as to maintain a perfect appearance.

When hormone face occurs, redness, peeling, even rash and acne will appear on the face, which will seriously affect people's face value. Especially during hormone face treatment, even if some acne are cured, some scars and pigment precipitation will be left. At this time, it is the most unbearable period. Some people take drugs and products for treatment, Some people choose to use cosmetics to cover, the purpose is to make the face clean and flawless, but in different ways.

In view of the fact that many acne and freckle removing products contain hormone components, most of them dare not take drugs or products to remove the symptoms on their faces. Instead, they choose to cover these hormone face problems with 'safe' methods such as cosmetics. Is this really safe?

First, avoid using multi manufacturer products

It is also a kind of chemicals. Wiping cosmetics produced by different manufacturers is easy to cause chemical reactions on the human body. Generally speaking, it is best to use the products of the same manufacturer for basic cosmetics, and it is best to choose a series of cosmetics produced by the same manufacturer. Especially in summer and autumn, due to the strong secretory function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, they are in a state prone to rash. In addition, they are exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation, which is very easy to cause dermatitis and other diseases due to improper use of cosmetics.

Second, avoid using expired cosmetics

Type cosmetics, such as Aqueous Glycerin, cold cream, massage cream and anti crack cream, are mostly oil-based, while type cosmetics contain nutrients such as fat,, etc. these cosmetics can change color and taste due to sunlight and oxidation if they are placed for too long. At the same time, they can deteriorate due to microbial pollution. The use of such cosmetics will not only emit peculiar smell, but also cause skin allergic reaction, causing skin itching, redness and swelling

Papules, blisters, etc. In addition, decorative cosmetics such as cream, toner,, rouge,, etc. can also affect the beauty effect for too long. Therefore, cosmetics should not be purchased too much at one time.

When you have some flaws on your face, you can understand it with makeup. But you also need to consider what kind of flaws it is. If you use pox or print, or scar, stain, etc., you can use make-up foundation and so on. But the hormone face is different from these defects. In fact, it is not recommended to make makeup during hormone face.

Although there are these defects during the hormone face, most of them are acne or even purulent inflammation. When using cosmetics, the ingredients inside are likely to block pores and aggravate the symptoms of hormone face. Moreover, these cosmetics also contain certain chemicals or elements such as lead and mercury, spices, pigments or preservatives, which are also added. If deposited on the face, Will accelerate the outbreak of facial symptoms

Third, avoid picking cosmetics directly with your fingers

Cosmetics are very fine things. If you don't pay attention to hygiene, it will cause chemical reactions and lead to the deterioration of cosmetics. Even if people wash their faces and hands with soap for many times, it is difficult to exterminate bacteria. Directly picking cosmetics with their fingers, whether it is or facial fat, will bring bacteria into the skin

In cosmetics. Therefore, it is appropriate to pick it out with a bamboo stick. Once the cosmetics touch your hands, never return them to the bottle, especially the liquid cosmetics. Do not touch the mouth of the bottle with unclean objects. Wipe the container mouth clean after use.

In addition, some small brands of cosmetics are likely to add hormone components to them for effect, which will cause more unimaginable and is not conducive to the recovery of hormone face.

Therefore, hormone face should not make up. Even after making up, there will be some side effects on the face, such as aggravation of symptoms, allergy, acne, redness and itching.

In view of this situation of hormone face, in addition to using less or no cosmetics, special attention should be paid to the selection of skin care products, and it is best not to use too many skin care products, especially for severe hormone face, it is best to expose your face for a while, and then do moisturizing and moisturizing care.