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Christmas Eve blessing words complete: pray for you a peace symbol, make a peace wish

Christmas Eve blessings: I pray for you a peace charm and make a peace wish. The romance in the cold winter is like snowflakes flying. The voice of the heart in the wind, like vines lingering. Candlelight flickering Christmas, silver bells ringing in the ear. In the eyes of lovers, there is a common expectation for the future. Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve! Countless stars light up, write down your name in the sky, when the snowflakes fall, my thoughts and blessings will be sent to you. After eating the winter solstice rice, the day is long; after eating the winter solstice dumplings, the mood is getting better and better; after eating the Christmas meal, life is sweeter and sweeter day by day. Wish you a warm and happy winter solstice, warm and romantic Christmas! Christmas snowflakes bring white good luck, Christmas candle lights up a good mood, Christmas bells warm romantic time, Christmas Fireworks brilliant happy eyes, wish the Christmas blessing happy you and my heart! I had a dream yesterday that Santa Claus fired missiles at you with the words "happy"; he threw bombs at you with the words "happiness"; and there were countless bullets with "Christmas wishes". You should be careful. Christmas Blessing SMS I want to let the sun warm you, decorate you with starlight, intoxicate you with wine, stun you with money, shine you with fireworks, submerge you with happiness, but I don't want to be God for a long time, I can only use SMS to bless you: happy Christmas Eve! Santa Claus said to me yesterday to send you a bag of safe, happy, healthy and happy, the premise is that socks do not stink. Take off your socks and smell it. Come on! I wish you immediate peace and happiness, health and happiness. Plant a safe tree for you, irrigate with sweat, cultivate soil with missing, prune with care, care with sincerity, after a long wait, open happy flowers and bear happy apples. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus is entrusted to give you, wish you peace and happiness in your life. Christmas Eve, missing night, tossing and turning. Fireworks, decorated with stars, silver flowers on the tree, set off the romance, the old man under the moon, whirling forward, drilling chimney over the room, carrying luggage, presents. Now think about it, money first, no money romantic, how to brilliant? How can you come to Yuefang? Today is Christmas Eve. When should I pay the money I owe you? Deer sleigh jingling is the most sincere call for missing, neon flashing, is the happiest beginning of carnival, full of affection, is the most sincere embodiment of the soul, warm blessing, is the most romantic poem on Christmas Eve, I wish you peace and happiness! Christmas Eve blessing comments: character: fairness and integrity. Character: stable. Features: approachable. Family: singing and dancing. Career: make great progress. Fortune: seven even and eight full. Health: peace of mind. Conclusion: safe and sound. Hope: live happily. I wish you all the best. I didn't mess with you! Red face what? Eyeball son stare with small round bean like! Know that you do things very seriously, do not allow other people to invade your privacy, finished singing. Then don't disturb you. I wish you a happy egg! If we wish you a birthday, we will remember our Christmas Eve in a harmonica minor, commemorate our Christmas Eve in grand piano major, and pray for our future Christmas Eve with the heartbeat Concerto. We will spend Christmas Eve together forever. Because of the rose, there is a beautiful love; because there is a blue sky, there is a human dream; because of you, I waste a dime of information fee. Merry Christmas! Christmas Eve blessing words, sunlight flows from fingers, snowflakes fall with the bell. Christmas bells ring, blessing thoughts float far away & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; cherish all you have. Because of love, life becomes happiness. Because of you, this Christmas becomes happy. Catch a snowflake floating, missing and blessing all come, hang a pair of socks, happy all put down, ring a bell, health and safety at the side, send a text message to see, the family is happy and happy. Happy Christmas Eve to you! Make your wish into a Christmas tree, let the blessings be colorful, light the candle of peace, let the song pour out happiness, pray for the happiness of life, wish you a life without wind and rain, and countless good luck. Christmas Eve, send sincere blessing, let you safe and happy forever. Christmas Eve blessing SMS Christmas Eve, pray for you a peace symbol, make a peace wish, gather a peace feeling, send a peace gift, pave a safe road, build a safe bridge, build a safe place, and get a lifetime of peace and happiness. Let you enjoy your life safely and enjoy happiness all over the world. The moment of fireworks is happy, the moment of meteor is a wish, the moment of missing is moving, and I just want you to understand at the moment of seeing the SMS: I sincerely wish you a happy life! Happy Christmas! Life is the most predestined, safe and Jun period, dream of you every night, most hope you can know, Miss infinite good, and wind fine rain, you have acacia wood, in my heart sea, life with your hand, swear to love you most! Merry Christmas!