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Christmas greetings in 2014

Christmas Eve, when you are still in your sleep, I have come out of the chimney, carrying a large bag full of gifts, and send my freshest 'lucky egg': Christmas + New Year's day = healthy and safe new year! Happy and warm spring festival! The happiest thing is when you're thinking about someone and someone's thinking about you. Is there such a romantic thing in the world? If you are thinking about me, then I am the happiest person. Just want to say to you: Merry Christmas! In my life, I'm lucky to meet you. I dream of you every night. I hope you can know. I miss you so much. In the wind and rain, you have Acacia. In my heart, I will hold your hand and swear to love you most (please see the first word of each sentence) In order to adapt to environmental protection and save paper, don't send me a Christmas card at Christmas. Please write your message on the largest banknote as possible! Hey, hey, I'm fine! Merry Christmas! Blessing in peace days and peace in night. Peaceful and peaceful forever, safe and peaceful dream is also long. Send an apple to bless you. May your life be safe. Christmas day and Christmas Eve, the blessing string floats over! (∩_ &Willows in spring, snow in winter, Christmas after Christmas Eve. The heart is ethereal, because of high ambition, from leisurely is scholarly. Ten years of hardship, ten years of sleep, ten years of dream. The road to success requires hard work, Santa Claus as proof! Tonight, I wish your computer: ping'an'an, anti-virus, no crash, no blackout, fast access to the Internet, 'Night' chat special God, don't forget to change a 'Pentium' core, because 'Christmas Eve' is over. I want to write down the notes of missing on each snowflake, let the friendship linger; I want to play the melody of blessing on every star, and let the true love wave melodious. Christmas Eve bells ring, I wish you happiness and well-being. Christmas Eve, who sent me the first apple, I meet you a request. The second apple, I wake you up for a week. The third apple, I leave 12 in your space, I love you. The fourth apple, I will go shopping with you. The fifth apple, can I give you a hug or a kiss next time I see you? Ha ha, dare to pass on! A touch of sunset dye glow, night falls, lights, snow inlaid with green pine, joy inlaid with costumes, western for Chinese use, said to be fashion, is not fashion, Santa Claus unveiled the list, also a high school champion, I wish you a merry Christmas! Christmas, Christmas Eve, let's wait for the bell to ring. Wish, pray together, and put the wish on the Christmas tree. Waiting for the gift, looking forward to the surprise, thinking of Chengdu to you. Friendship and best wishes for Christmas. Greetings are as plain as water, very clear; blessing a few words, sincere heart; pick a star, pick a cloud, put in safe SMS to you, let health and happiness always around you. Merry Christmas! The moment of fireworks is happy, the moment of meteor is a wish, the moment of missing is moving, and I just want you to understand at the moment of seeing the SMS: I sincerely wish you a happy life! Happy Christmas! (Christmas Blessing SMS) the sky is boundless, the hope of getting rich is too slim; the water is crooked and the road is long, the days without money are too long; the tall people are busy, can we rob the bank with you tonight? Joint code: Merry Christmas! There are many people who care about you, and many people wish you well. Don't forget that I am one of them. Although blessing is only a form, it can bring warmth and comfort to the soul. Christmas is coming, I send my best wishes in a hurry: Merry Christmas Eve! Christmas Eve wish: no matter how ugly your socks are, no matter how hard your socks taste, I hope Santa will bring the best gift to you. Don't spread the secret. If this message is forwarded thousands of times, the wish will come true as soon as possible. Night falls, snowflakes fall, neon lights, blessings sound, gifts fly, my blessing and Santa Claus come together: I wish you a happy Christmas Eve, endless joy, good luck in the New Year! The snow is still falling, and the wind is still blowing. On Christmas Eve, with the white snow, the cotton socks filled with gifts are placed at the head of every family's bed. You can see Santa Claus coming down your chimney and looking around. He just won't put down the gift, but he's singing softly: Wow, you lazy guy, it's time to wash your feet! Ha ha, happy Christmas Eve!