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Christmas greetings for lovers

Christmas greetings for lovers: Christmas Eve is coming, how can I miss my blessing. I hereby send a short message, do not look at the short message, but the blessing is refined. I hope your future life is safe and happy! Christmas Eve dream! There are 10 days to Christmas, quickly blow the chimney, wash socks, Christmas Eve mobile phone socks, do not turn off Oh. I give your number to Santa Claus, you will receive the best Christmas wishes: Merry Christmas! ^ o ^ taste a candy, sweet life; listen to a song, happy life; look at fireworks, shining life; bite an apple, safe life; receive a blessing, a happy life; Christmas Eve, I wish you peace! Christmas Eve blessing words: climbing through the chimney, through the window, riding a sleigh on the frost, hanging a gift, dressing up, dressed as an old man to send blessing light: I climb mountains and rivers, across the ocean to come to your window, do not know whether the socks at the head of your bed are ready? Christmas Eve bell rings, reindeer jump, bring you joy; bells jingle, bring you good luck; kind Santa Claus brings you blessings: happiness is not only Christmas day, happiness is more than this moment! How deep is the sea? Only fish know; how high is the sky? Only birds know; how red are the flowers? Only butterfly can know how much I love you? Only you who read the text messages will know. Christmas Eve, I want you to hold me. The romance in the cold winter is like snowflakes flying. The voice of the heart in the wind, like vines lingering. Candlelight flickering Christmas, silver bells ringing in the ear. In the eyes of lovers, there is a common expectation for the future. Merry Christmas! There is an old man who always likes to toss about in winter, driving reindeer everywhere, bringing countless good luck to the world. Now he has something urgent and he can't come to bless him in person. He asked me to bring a message. I hope your life will be more wonderful. Christmas Eve greetings: Santa Claus, Christmas deer, Christmas socks, Christmas tree. Christmas bells ring, Christmas songs, Christmas dinner with candles. Christmas cards are auspicious and Christmas bags are filled with presents. Christmas atmosphere gradually strong, Christmas blessing do not delay! On Christmas Eve, the bell rings and blessings continue: one blessing is healthy and safe, the second is prosperity, the third is getting rich all the year round, the four blessing dreams come true, and the five blessings come true. Blessing infinite, wish friends a lifetime of peace. Christmas Eve, what a beautiful leaf, winter is a foil snowflake leaves, Christmas Eve, what a touching page, candlelight is the poem page read by angels, Christmas Eve, what an unforgettable night, happiness is the night of a lifetime with you, dear, thank you for giving me the opportunity to love you, this Christmas Eve, I will protect your life, peace, love you. Christmas Eve animal dinner: spider, give me a steamed fly, a fried mosquito, a braised moth. Please send it to me online, thank you! Kangaroo: I don't waste it if I can't eat it. I take it with me. Crab: as the old rule, brother mantis and I will each have a western meal. We will bring our own knives and forks. Dung beetle: it's not that I boast. The food in the shop is not as delicious as my own dung balls. Happy Christmas Eve! Why is Christmas in the chilly winter? Answer: because you need my company. Why is Christmas Eve in the long night? Answer: because you need my wishes. Why is Christmas only one day a year? Answer: because I can give you 365 days of good wishes! Wish you a happy Christmas! Christmas, romantic and wonderful. Santa Claus, very cute. On Christmas Eve, pray for peace. Carnival night, no one to sleep. Happy sharing, candlelight dinner. Wish under the Christmas tree. Thousands of blessings, will not change. Blessing message to deliver, you do not ignore to listen carefully, saints will also be afraid of cold, birthday sigh disease in winter, solar terms need to pay more attention to, quickly add clothes to warm, happy in disease free to cold. After eating the winter solstice rice, the day grows longer; after eating the winter solstice dumplings, the mood is getting better and better day by day; after eating the Christmas meal, life is sweeter and sweeter day by day. Wish you a warm and happy winter solstice, warm and romantic Christmas!